INDONESIA’S Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is partnering with to collaborate to develop Human Resources (HR) competencies through the Cross Internship Program.

The Cross Internship Program is an employee exchange program for the Tourism Ministry with which allows participants to learn firsthand the experiences and work culture of each agency. What is expected from this activity is that participants get a learning experience through observing, adapting, analyzing, and discussing best practices at the internship.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, in his remarks (7/5) said that the Cross Internship Program is a creative opportunity for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, where internally it becomes a new choice for employee self-development, while externally it can draw closer relationships between stakeholders in the field tourism and creative economy.

“The 2021 Cross Internship Program can later become a model for developing State Civil Apparatus (ASN) competencies that can produce collaborative, innovative, and adaptive human resources,” Sandiaga said.

Furthermore, Sandiaga explained that later the Ministry of Tourism’s State Civil Apparatus could learn to innovate as is often done in the business world such as Meanwhile, employees can also learn about a holistic and disciplined approach to thinking about institutions as applied in government.

“This program will have many benefits for all of us. In the business world, we have several pillars that we can carry in the government to improve our performance. Meanwhile, in government there are also many pillars that are used to be brought to the business world. For example, in the business world we will learn to innovate, while in government we can learn a holistic and disciplined approach to institutional thinking. Now we can also bring this to business world agencies. So I want this cross-internship to be carried out because we can learn from two sides,” Sandiaga explained.

Sandiaga hopes that this collaboration will produce competent human resources. So that it can restore the tourism sector and the creative economy, which in the end can continue the agenda for a better Indonesian economic development.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Ministry/Main Secretary of Tourism Ministry, Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani, said that the Cross Internship Program will be held for 6 months, starting from June 1 to December 1, 2021, which is carried out in two methods, namely coach and coachee, and webinars for 1 once every 6 months.

“Coach and Coachee is carried out by sending Kemenparekraf employees who will intern at, while the webinars are conducted with the presentation of material by request theme. All and ASN employees are welcome to participate in the selection. This program is designed with due regard to rights and obligations, as well as benefits for participants,” Wayan Giri noted.

Likewise, the Chief People Officer of, Dudi Arisandi, explained that in the first batch, opened two directorates for the 2021 Cross Internship Program. Namely the marketing directorate and the people directorate.

“For this first batch at there are two directorates for apprenticeship, the first is a marketing directorate. Starting from brand marketing and also public relations, meanwhile in performance marketing there are online marketing and SEO. Then there is also a people directorate, namely in learning, organization development, culture and engagement,” he finished. []