INDONESIA’S Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno said that in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector could rise if all parties adhere to health protocols.

“All of our activities refer to micro-scale PPKM and we can only rise if we comply with the prokes,” he said after attending a cluster-based tourism business training at the super priority destination of Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java, Wednesday (6/23).

The tourism business training held at the Tuksongo Village Economic Center was attended by 61 homestay owners in the Borobudur area.

Sandiaga said Tourism Ministry activities always refer to zoning and coordination with the district government and local task force.

He considered this training very important for homestay managers because it not only builds physical but also builds the community’s ability to manage community skills to use not only digital and online aspects but also aspects of creating creative content to promote.

“I believe that trainings like this are programs that are right on target and provide assistance to people in need. This is part of the tourism program and a just creative economy,” he said.

Regarding the rental price for homestays, Minister Sandiaga gave instructions not to price wars, just don’t compete. Fellow homestay managers are friends to generate tourism.

“Agree on a fair price and stick to it together. What we are competing for is the quality of the service, so don’t let us slam the price this will kill business or compete to raise prices is also not good. Don’t be like that, let it be according to the agreed standards. I hope that there will be a revival of tourism in tourist villages,” he concluded. []