COORDINATING Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut B. Pandjaitan in the Press Conference held on Thursday (7/1) said that with the increase in positive confirmation cases in the past week, it was decided to implement the Java Bali Emergency PPKM (implementation of restrictions on community activities) policy from 3-20 July 2021.

“Emergency PPKM implemented in Java and Bali follows the World Health Organization (WHO) reference assessment criteria based on indicators of transmission rate and response capacity. WHO divides it into 4 levels, based on confirmed cases, hospitalization, death rates, and 3T (testing, tracing & treatment). Currently, there are 74 regencies/cities in Java and Bali which are at level 3, and 48 regencies/cities are at level 4,” he said.

He explained that the scope of tightening activities in the Emergency PPKM includes many things, both the work sector, teaching and learning activities, shopping, public facilities, public transportation, and various community activities.

“Office activities are required to implement 100% work from home (WFH). Especially for essential sectors such as finance and banking, capital markets, export-oriented industries, and others, a maximum of 50% work from office (WFO) can be applied. Meanwhile, for critical sectors such as energy, health, security, logistics and transportation, and the industry to fulfill basic needs, people are allowed to implement 100% WFO by implementing strict health protocols,” Luhut underlined.

Activities at shopping centers such as malls and trade centers, places of worship, public facilities, and arts and cultural activities, sports and social activities will be temporarily closed. The wedding reception can still be held with a maximum of 30 (thirty) guests. Public transportation can also still be implemented with a maximum capacity setting of 70% with the implementation of strict health protocols.

“For regulations, travelers using long-distance transportation modes, such as planes, buses, and trains, must show a vaccine card (at least the first dose of vaccine) and evidence of H-2 PCR for aircraft, as well as H-1 antigen for other long-distance transportation modes,” Minister Luhut stated.

He also emphasized that the Regional Government Task Force, Indonesian National Armed Forces and Indonesian National Police would be asked to carry out strict supervision of the implementation of the tightening of community activities. Strengthening the 3T (Testing, Tracing, Treatment) system will also be implemented, by increasing testing to 1/1000 population per week, and tracing to more than 15 close contacts per confirmed case.

“Treatment will also be carried out comprehensively according to the severity of the symptoms. Only moderate, severe and critical symptoms will need to be hospitalized, and isolation will be tightened to prevent transmission. The government will continue to increase the number of vaccinations. The current vaccination target is 70% of the total population in priority cities/districts no later than August 2021,” Luhut noted.

In addition, he continued, I also ensured that the government would again provide social assistance to the affected communities during the implementation of the Emergency PPKM. For this reason, I ask for assistance from the relevant ministers and staff to ensure that social assistance can be distributed quickly and on target. []