THE Lion Air Group stipulates the terms and conditions needed for each prospective passenger who will travel by air during the COVID-19 pandemic alert period, the period 19 July-25 July 2021.This requirement applies to Lion Air Group flights, namely with Lion Air (JT flight code), Wings Air (IW flight code), and Batik Air (ID flight code).

In its release on Sunday (7/18), the Lion Air Group explained that the provisions for domestic flights during this period were in order to support government policies related to the implementation of efforts to prevent, handle and control COVID-19.

This provision covers aspects of community mobility restrictions, restrictions on religious and traditional activities during Eid al-Adha 1442 Hijriah, restrictions on tourism activities, and other community activities. This flight requirement is also to support the Implementation of the Java-Bali Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), as well as Micro PPKM in other areas.

The terms and conditions for flying domestic routes with the Lion Air Group, among others, are only for prospective passengers over 18 years of age. Citizens under 18 years old cannot travel in advance. Travel benefits only apply to essential sector workers and critical sector workers.

In addition, travel is permitted for prospective passengers with urgent needs such as seriously ill patients, pregnant women with a maximum number of 1 companion, maternity interests with a maximum number of 2 companions, and non-COVID-19 corpse delivery with a maximum number of 5 people.

Documents required include a travel certificate. For essential and critical sectors, must show a Worker Registration Certificate. Meanwhile, for urgent purposes, must show a certificate such as a referral letter from a hospital, a cover letter from the local regional apparatus, a Death Certificate, or other certificates.

Prospective passengers also need to include RT-PCR with negative results, according to the validity period of the health test results. Examination or testing of samples in laboratories, must be affiliated with the Ministry of Health. Prospective passengers are also required to take at least the first dose of vaccine by showing a vaccine card or certificate.

For urgent special trips, pregnant conditions, or certain illnesses that have not been or are not vaccinated, must show a valid and original medical certificate from a specialist doctor stating they are healthy and detailed reasons cannot be vaccinated. Don’t forget to also download the electronic health care (eHAC) digital travel application and [ special]