CITILINK Indonesia, a subsidiary airline of Garuda Indonesia, has once again formed a partnership with EzyPolis, an Insuretech (Insurance Technology) company here to provide travel protection insurance products for Citilink’s new product, Royal Green.

A Citilink product that answers the needs of passengers, especially the domestic market, for extra comfort and safety, especially in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the President Director of EzyPolis, Ahmad S. Hasibuan, the travel protection product from Ezypolis for Citilink’s new product, Royal Green, is a form of easy access, product innovation and simple processes through technology at EzyPolis.

“The travel protection insurance product presented by EzyPolis in Royal Green provides various guarantees, including personal accidents, trip cancellations, flight delays, loss or damage to baggage and personal property, travel delays, piracy or terrorism, baggage delays, incompatibility of connecting flights and route changes. flight,” he said.

He explained, trying to understand consumer needs and simplify the process while providing easy access to innovative EzyPolis products. An approach that always emphasizes a customer-oriented-service attitude,” said Ahmad in his official statement.

Meanwhile, President Director of Citilink Juliandra said, Citilink welcomed the partnership with EzyPolis in providing travel protection to passengers through Citilink’s newest facility, Royal Green.

“With the facilities offered, such as free seat distancing, fast track, priority boarding, free schedule changes and equipped with travel protection insurance from EzyPolis,” Juliandra noted.

He added, Citilink hopes that Royal Green can provide more extra comfort for passengers so that passengers get a better flying experience with Citilink. [sources/photo special]