THE USE of information and communication technology and the use of social media is considered to be able to increase interest in traveling virtually in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Director of Information and Communication for the Economy and Maritime Affairs, Directorate General of Information and Public Communication, Ministry of Communication and Information, Septriana Tangkary, in a press release said virtual tours are a new concept for vacationing in the midst of a pandemic, in order to explore various interesting tourist destinations in Indonesia.

“With smart devices or gadgets and internet from home, school or campus, the public, especially tourists, can explore various tours in Indonesia, including museums. “Social media users during this pandemic can also be used as momentum, build communication and increase good engagement between destination managers and followers or potential tourists,” he said.

He explained, through virtual tourism, tourists remain productive on social media by creating creative and positive content so that it has a big impact on introducing tourism in Indonesia to the public. Of course, it offers the beauty and uniqueness of each destination virtually, we can even learn about the destinations visited.

Septriana gave an example, during the launch of the JP Hub in NTT some time ago, the virtual tour was equipped with interesting and complete presentations, such as supporting audio to providing a guide who gave an explanation of the tourist objects visited.

“On Proud Made in Indonesia Day at Flobamora NTT, we launched JP HUB which can be used by all Indonesians to see where tourism is in Indonesia so that they can carry out virtual activities in these tourist areas,” he said.

He stated that Ministry of Communication and Information, in collaboration with the Yogyakarta Tourism Office and local tourism actors, held the webinar which aims to revive the role of museums in the tourism industry.

“This activity is a manifestation of the government’s efforts to revive museum tourism attractions. This is in line with Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2015 concerning the management of public communications in order to support the success of the cabinet, absorb public aspirations, and accelerate the delivery of information about government policies and programs. [antaranews/photo special]