AFTER almost two years of working from home alone, there are alternatives that can be chosen to increase work enthusiasm while refreshing the mind, such as the Work From Bali (WFB) program which is a concrete manifestation of Indonesia’s tourism recovery. This program can be an interesting consideration for those of you who need a new atmosphere to increase productivity

Here are five reasons why Work From Bali can be a fun alternative to working online, quoted from the official Pegipegi broadcast:

Close to nature
Bali has beautiful beaches. If it’s WFB, you can enjoy a relaxing sunset every day. On weekends, you can go to the mountains, waterfalls, or even the popular cafes in Bali.

On the island of the Gods, you also rarely find traffic jams and air pollution that is a daily meal in the capital city. In other words, the WFB option can make you less stressed.

COVID-19 safe zone
Starting on May 16, 2021, Bali will be free from the Red Zone. Plus, in the same month as many as 770,000 Balinese have been vaccinated. Bali can be a place that is quite safe for tourists. However, don’t forget to follow the health protocols in a disciplined manner wherever you are.

Easy to socialize
Balinese people are friendly and open to newcomers. For you young people, the possibility of getting new connections will be easier.

Especially if you go to locations or places where digital nomads gather, such as Dojo Bali, Outpost, Return, Hubud, Hub Bali, and Finn’s Recreation Club. You will find fellow friends who are WFB too.

Become a digital nomad
Recently, digital nomads have become increasingly popular because one of the dreams of millennials is to work not only from the office. The flexibility offered by the WFB program is also very supportive of digital nomads.

You can freely and wisely manage your time between exploring Bali and working. According to Clubmed, Jimbaran occupies the fifth position as the best place for digital nomads. So, Work From Jimbaran can be the right choice for work.

Many accommodations at affordable prices
In Bali, several three- and four-star hotels offer monthly rental promos ranging from IDR 2-3 million. The best thing is that you can enjoy the complete facilities available at the hotel such as a gym, cleaning service, and a swimming pool that you don’t get if you stay in Jakarta.

Exploring Bali is the best choice to refresh your mind. You can also enjoy two different places as a place to stay while in Bali. In fact, you can book two hotels with different locations in one month.

Pegipegi presents the Work From Bali promo program with discounts on hotels and airline tickets up to 50%, with additional discounts of up to IDR1 million. The program which runs until October 24, 2021 is presented to support the government’s program to accelerate the recovery of the Indonesian economy, especially in the tourism sector. [antaranews]