HAVE YOU ever planned to stay on a private island? If so, surely the first consideration that you think about is the price. Indeed, most of these private island rental prices are very expensive.

But, according to Airbnb, if you’ve ever dreamed of huge stretches of unspoiled beaches, coral reefs, and tropical landscapes, you can rent an entire island for yourself, at an affordable price.

Here are five of the most affordable private islands you can find on Airbnb for under US$350:
1.A rural island outside Venice, Italy,
This private island is located in Cavallino, Italy. This room can accommodate up to 16 guests in its seven bedrooms. Located on the Venetian lagoon, this island features salmon-colored villas full of Italian style.

This accommodation is rich in the natural beauty of the local area and does not attract the crowds you will find in the center of Venice. And you can still travel easily between the island and the coast. The price offered is US$80 per night.

2. Irish cottage on an island near Galway
This cozy place is located in County Galway, Ireland. It can accommodate six other people. It may not be your typical Caribbean Island but it embodies the island’s rustic charm and features a stone fireplace. This luxury accommodation is just five minutes by boat on the host-provided lake from Kenny Bay, near Lough Corrib. US$248 per night.

3. A 16-hectare private island in Honduras
Fort Cayo Morgan is in Honduras, also home to Tabyana Beach. This private island in Cayo Fort Morgan, Honduras, is one of Airbnb’s best kept secrets. This 16-acre private island off the coast of Roatan can accommodate up to 16 guests and is part of the country’s Bay Islands.

You have the option of spending the day on the white sand beach or in a hammock on the terrace by the water. And if that wasn’t enough, meals and water activities are included in the price. US$250 per night.

4. Belize’s complete tropical island
If you like a romantic and secluded getaway, this private island available on Airbnb in Belize’s Stann Creek District has rooms for two. However, if you are expecting luxury, this may not be the place for you.

The island is a tropical getaway, so get ready for a wilderness adventure when you stay in this cabin. The island does have bars and restaurants that serve dinner and lunch daily, as meals are included in the stay, US$365 per night.

5. Island paradise with white sand beaches in the Philippines
Book this private island in El Nido, Philippines with 15 friends and you will be able to enjoy white sand beaches flanked by green forests of leaves and tropical flora.

The impressive house stands out among the surrounding vegetation with its striking colors. This luxury resort also offers daily Filipino breakfast, lunch, and dinner. US$399 per night or around IDR7 million per night. [ special]