INDONESIAN Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate ensured that Indonesia was ready to hold the World Superbike (WSB) in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara by implementing strict health protocols.

Minister Johnny, through his recent statement, believes that World Superbike will spur the recovery of the tourism sector in West Nusa Tenggara in particular and in Indonesia in general.

This, he continued, is also proof to the world that Indonesia can hold a prestigious MotoGP class event.

“Indonesia is ready to hold the World Superbike on November 19, 2021 until November 20, 2021. This event is proof for us to prove that Indonesia can hold a prestigious event while maintaining the implementation of health protocols properly,” said Johnny Plate.

Furthermore, he explained, various infrastructure developments such as circuit locations, ports, airport facilities, terminals, ports, and tourist attractions are ready to receive tourist visits by prioritizing Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) standards.

“The circuit infrastructure is also 100 percent ready and is currently focusing on completing the circuit’s supporting facilities, such as the Pit Building, Paddock, health facilities, and the Race Control Building. The construction of supporting facilities is targeted for completion by the end of October 2021,” he remarked.

Not only physical development, Minister Johnny said the government also prioritizes aesthetic elements.

The show also presents natural views of the hills and panoramic views of the blue sea which will be an attraction for participants and visitors. A representative international circuit for this international event will encourage Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

The Minister of Communication and Information also emphasized that various strategies in the tourism sector have been and continue to be intensified to prevent potential transmission of COVID-19. This was done, including by accelerating vaccination and the establishment of a COVID-19 Task Force in each area.

Based on data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health as of October 17, 2021, vaccination coverage in NTB, especially Kab. Central Lombok, which is the host of World Superbike, has reached 66.77% for the first dose and 14.71% for the second dose. That is, soon the target to reach 70%, or group immunity can be achieved.

Not only that, the government also provides various trainings for tourism business actors in Mandalika and its surroundings. This is also accompanied by escort and curation guidance on creative economy products that can support the implementation of World Superbike. [antaranews/photo special]