PT ANGKASA Pura II (AP II) will launch a special line service for prospective aircraft passengers using face recognition technology. This special service called travelinLane is planned to be launched in early 2022 at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, Banten.

To note face recognition is a technology that can detect a person’s face, as well as part of Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence or AI). Meanwhile, travelinLane promises a hassle-free departure process.

Prospective flight passengers do not need to show an identity card and physical boarding pass during inspection at Security Check Point 2 (SCP 2). They only need to show their faces in the face recognition tool for verification.

The travelinLane service strengthens the security aspect
As the name implies, travelinLane is a development of the travelin application belonging to AP II.

“We plan to launch a new global standard service supported by the travelin application to provide a seamless journey experience, which we plan to launch in January 2022 at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, namely TravelinLane,” said President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin through his official statement, Friday (11/12).

He explained, in addition to improving the experience of prospective airline passengers, the travelinLane service also strengthens the security aspect. With the face recognition system, the security aspect at Soekarno-Hatta Airport will continue to increase to the next level. Gradually, we will apply Travelin Lane including the face recognition and autogate systems at other AP II airports.

Currently, the travelinLane service is in the testing and verification stage by the Directorate of Aviation Security at the Ministry of Transportation. This step ensures that this process meets the aviation security aspects.

How to take advantage of the travelinLane service
Prospective airplane passengers must take a number of steps to be able to use the travelinLane service with facial recognition, one of which is obtaining a travelinPass.

The following are the methods and conditions for using travelinLane services for prospective airplane passengers: (1). Prospective airplane passengers are required to download the travelin application and perform the login process, (2). In the application, select the travelinPass menu to verify personal data and biometric (face) which will be validated to the population and civil registration (Dukcapil) system. After the validation process, the user can go through the process to get a travelinPass, (3). Prospective airline passengers who wish to obtain a travelinPass must have checked-in at the counter, self-check-in kiosk (self-check-in), website, or mobile check-in. They must also ensure that vaccination data and medical test results are available on the PeduliLindungi application.

While number (4). In the travelinPass menu in the travelin app, select “travel”, then “add trip”, (5). Fill in the departure date, airline name, flight number, and booking or ticket code, (6). The travelin application will verify the airline system/Common Use Passenger System and PeduliLindungi system, (7). If all the conditions are met, the prospective flight passengers can get a travelinPass in the form of a QR code. With this code, they can go to travelinLane.

Likewise, number (8). At the airport, prospective airplane passengers can go to SCP 2, choose the travelinLane route, (9). They don’t need to show their ID card and boarding pass, but they just need to show their face to the facial recognition tool to open the autogate. This face recognition system recognizes faces and flight data in travelinPass, (10). Prospective airplane passengers can go to the boarding lounge to wait for the flight schedule. [sources/photo special]