REDDOORZ declares it is ready to play a role in the recovery of Indonesia’s tourism industry and will double its number of properties in Indonesia by 2022.

According to Vice President Operations of RedDroorz Indonesia, Adil Mubarak during an online discussion, Thursday (11/25) revealed that RedDoorz also announced that they would end October 2021 with peak sales of 512,000 occupied rooms compared to its best record of 165,000 occupied rooms in May 2020, in where the data only covers the Indonesian market.

“Well, to adapt to survive during the pandemic in the tourism sector, we carried out a number of strategies. If we look at almost two years, we will see this pandemic. This RedDoorz must be hit too. Affected by COVID-19. The average hotel occupancy across our properties has decreased. Some have decreased to 10%,” said Adil.

However, Adil explained that to survive in the midst of this pandemic situation, RedDoorz carried out several strategies, for example by helping the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to provide quarantine hotels and launching HygienePass which is a hygiene certification issued by IAKMI (Indonesian Association of Public Health Experts).

“In 2020, we are collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism to help front line medics in our 2-hotels, namely in Thamrin and Blok M. However, we also see that during this pandemic, cleanliness is something very important. Therefore, we created a program namely HygienePass,” he remarked.

Adil explained that currently 80% of the total RedDoorz properties already have HygienePass certification. According to him, HygienePass is very important because nowadays people are very concerned about cleanliness, and this trend will not stop in the future.

In addition, RedDoorz has also started to open new brands in collaboration with property owners, namely Sans Hotel and Sunerra Hotel. According to Adil, this pandemic period has made him more innovative to create a new and unique brand.

RedDoorz has also adopted a multi-brand approach and currently manages multiple brands; RedDoorz (budget economy), SANS Hotels (economy lifestyle), KoolKost (long term community living) and Sunerra Hotels (middle class hotel segment).

“We see that this opportunity has always been innovative for the past two years. What are some new things that we can do, but also help guests who stay in hotels, but also how property owners can cooperate with RedDoorz but also have brands? something new and unique,” Adil noted.

By the end of October 2021, he continued RedDoorz had recorded an increase in sales of 512 thousand rooms. For 2022, Adil explained that his party is targeting to sell 1.6 million rooms.

“We have sold 500 thousand rooms and we are targeting almost 1.6 million rooms in 2022. This is almost 3 times, so we plan to create new brands,” Adil concluded. []