WELCOMING the new year, many people start planning a vacation with their partner, family, or friends. Of course, there are a lot of preparations to start thinking about, such as choosing a destination for example.

Usually, many people choose Bali as a year-end holiday destination. However, Bali at the end of the year is often overcrowded and congested. You could say it’s overrated. Not only do you have to go to Bali, the following cities and tourist attractions can be an option for year-end holidays. Guaranteed no less fun:

(1). Near Bali, you can visit Banyuwangi. Various natural attractions will spoil you, such as Ijen Crater, Red Island, Baluran, and others. (2). Malang can be a suitable match for families. The air is cool and there are many tours that can be visited, as well as culinary delights. (3). Yogyakarta will be the right city if you want to see cultural, historical, and natural tourism at the same time.

Don’t forget there are also interesting places such as: (4). Wonosobo has the Dieng Plateau which is suitable for a staycation. The barbecue here will be really fun. (5). Bandung offers a variety of Instagramable tourist attractions. There is Bukit Bintang, Floating Market, and others. The culinary tour is also a winner. (6). No less beautiful, Lombok has Gili Trawangan, Senggigi Beach, Sekotong Beach, Pink Beach, and other beaches

So, there are also: (7). Manado has a cool religious tourism destination, the Jesus Blessing Monument. There is also Bunaken National Park that you can visit. (8). Besides the famous Losari Beach, Makassar has a 99 Dome Mosque. Very Instagramable. (9). Wakatobi is one of the dream spots for water sports lovers. The underwater beauty is unquestionable. (10). Belitung has beautiful beaches with exotic giant rocks. Don’t forget to stop by the Laskar Pelangi Museum too, okay?

Well, those are some year-end vacation recommendations other than Bali that can be your destination of choice. How about you, do you have an idea where to go on vacation with your loved ones? [sources/photo special]