THE MANDALIKA Grand Prix Association (MGPA) has released the selling price of the 2022 MotoGP tickets at the Mandalika Circuit which will take place on 18-20 March 2022. Reported from Instagram @themandalikagp (1/1/2022).

There are four categories of tickets to watch the Mandalika MotoGP, namely General Admission, Premium Grandstand, Standard Grandstand, and Hospitalilty Suites. Ticket sales will begin on January 6, 2022, for the Premiere Grandstand and Hospitality Suites categories.

Meanwhile, the Standard Grandstand and General Admission categories will be sold on January 11, 2022. Please note that the General Admission category is the cheapest ticket type provided by the committee. The first day or free practice session, the General Admission category is sold for IDR115,000.

Meanwhile, watching the second day or qualifying session in the General Admission category is sold at a price of IDR287,000. Meanwhile, to watch the Mandalika MotoGP race session in the General Admission category, it is sold at a price of IDR575,000.

As for spectators who want to watch the qualifying session and the race at the same time, they can choose the General Admission category for the 2-day package for IDR805,000. The Mandalika MotoGP committee also provides a VIP category called Hospitality Suites. This is the most expensive ticket category to watch the Mandalika MotoGP live.

For this category, the committee set a price of IDR15 million (Premiere Class) and IDR10 million (Deluxe Class) for a three-day package or from practice sessions to races.

The following is a list of ticket prices for the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP:
(1). General Admission: Day 1: IDR115,000, Day 2: IDR287,500, Day 3: IDR575,000, 2 Day Package (Saturday & Sunday): IDR805,000.

(2). Standard Grandstand: Day 1: IDR230,000, Day 2: IDR747,500, Day 3: IDR1,150,000, 2 Day Package (Saturday & Sunday): IDR1,725,000.

(3). Premium Grandstand: Day 1: IDR373,250 & IDR431,250, Day 2: IDR1,063,750 & IDR1,150,000, Day 3: IDR1,610,000 & IDR1,725,000, 2 Day Package (Saturday & Sunday): IDR2,300,000 & IDR2,587,000

(4). VIP Hospitality Suites (3 Days Package): Premiere Class: IDR15,000,000, Deluxe Class: IDR10,000,000. [antaranews/photo special]