THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy collaborated with to launch the Carbon Footprint Calculator (CFC) and Offsetting applications to realize quality and sustainable tourism.

The Carbon Footprint Calculator program is an effort by the Tourism Ministry to offset the value of the emissions that have been produced, by absorbing the carbon footprint to help prevent its bad impact on the climate.

This collaboration aims to showcase the prototyping of the Carbon Footprint Calculator in order to strengthen the reputation of tourism ahead of the G20 Presidency, collaboration on the CFC application platform, synergy of initiatives by tourism players in destinations in the context of implementing CFCs. In addition, it is also for monitoring carbon-offset at destinations towards carbon trading schemes in the tourism and creative economy.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, during the virtual launch of the Carbon Footprint Calculator and Offsetting Showcase, Friday (1/07), said I hope that the Carbon Footprint Calculator (CFC) program could increase the value of reputation and public trust in the tourism sector and strengthening the climate friendly tourism movement.

“I say firmly that tourism activities and the creative economy must be intended, that environmental issues become our main issue. So, today we kick off this program, and we hope it will be an opening for collaboration with many stakeholders. We make sure this movement becomes a national movement that overcomes various crises caused by climate change and achieves sustainable development,” he explained.

Furthermore, Sandiaga explained that according to data, the global tourism industry accounts for eight percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Therefore, he invites tourists to pay attention to the carbon footprint when traveling for the sake of developing quality and sustainable tourism.

“Economic sustainability and cultural sustainability and environmental sustainability are one tone, and this is in accordance with the trend of personalized, customized, localized, and smaller impact tourism,” he stated.

Meanwhile, CEO of, Arfan Arlanda, expressed his pride in the Ministry of Tourism’s initiative to run eco-friendly tourism. I hope that this program will significantly support climate change and the achievement of emission targets in Indonesia.

“Hopefully this extraordinary initiative does not stop here, and can be implemented throughout the tourism industry, in the private sector as a direct economic actor so that it will have a very large impact in Indonesia,” he said.

The Carbon Footprint Calculator program can be accessed on the page. In the initial phase, Tourism Minsitry invites the community to absorb the carbon footprint by increasing the number of trees in the surrounding environment.

In this phase, the collected trees will be planted in the Pantai Indah Kapuk Mangrove Ecotourism Area, DKI Jakarta; Bedono Coastal Mangrove Conservation, Demak, Java; and Conservation Warriors of the Bontang Mangrove Park National Park, East Kalimantan.

Later, the trees that have been collected and planted will be maintained through a monitoring process carried out by the Conservation Partners of the Ministry of Tourism and, namely Protect Forests in mutually agreed conservation areas. Monitoring on tree planting and growth will be carried out regularly using the reporting system from which can be accessed at any time. []