THE MANAGING Director of the Implementing Agency for the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority (BPOLBF), Shana Fatina asked for support from the government and the community in Manggarai Raya, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), to support tourism development.

“We ask for support so that the community can play an active role in the development of tourism based on the creative economy,” she said while attending the 2022 Ruteng Diocese Pastoral Post Natal in a press release on Wednesday (1/05).

As for holistic tourism, Shana explained, is tourism that includes various aspects that support human welfare as a whole and is integrated with the integrity of creation. Therefore, tourism should not only be oriented towards economic welfare.

“For that, local community participation is needed, integration of local cultural and spiritual values, and preservation of the natural environment in all tourism development,” Shana noted.

Meanwhile, Bishop Ruteng Siprianus Hormat asked the Regent of Manggarai, Regent of West Manggarai, and Regent of East Manggarai to continue to pay attention to the benefit of people’s lives, and to improve the welfare of the community.

He emphasized several things, which he called the ‘seven friendlies’, namely friendly to human dignity, friendly to others, friendly to culture, friendly to the environment, friendly to manners and ethics, friendly to justice and honesty, and friendly to science and technology.

Labuan Bajo is included in the National Tourism Strategic Area
For information, the government has included Labuan Bajo in the National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN). Reporting from the official website of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), a number of developments were carried out by maximizing the potential of Labuan Bajo and all its natural wealth.

Several developments carried out by the government in Labuan Bajo include the construction of Puncak Waringin with all its facilities, such as a souvenir center and viewing deck. There is also an improvement in road quality in Labuan Bajo, in the form of handling the 16.8-kilometer inner city segment consisting of road, sidewalk and drainage improvements.

In addition to Puncak Waringin and road improvements, the government is also structuring the Batu Cermin area to be able to support local arts and cultural activities. [sources/photo special]