A TOURISM service company, PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk. welcomes the COVID-19 booster vaccination carried out by the Indonesian government. The company also continues to develop technology to meet the tourist experience of its customers.

According to VP Brand and Communication of Panorama Groups, AB Sadewa explained that the COVID-19 booster vaccination program will provide a positive perception abroad that Indonesia is a safe country.

“PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk as a company that specifically handles foreign tourists views the booster will provide positive value for Indonesian tourism, only the rules must be made friendly,” he said.

While still facing the impact of the pandemic, he continued, PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk remains focused on inbound tourism or foreign tourists, but will also operate domestic tours for the domestic market or domestic tourists.

PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk also focuses on countries that have opened borders with friendly policies for foreign tourists as an initial point of recovery. Currently the company operates in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

“Throughout November and December 2021, PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk-Thailand has again brought in foreign guests from market sources in the European sector. As for the growth target, it is actually rather difficult because we cannot see 2020 and 2021 as a reference,” he remarked.

He added, in general we are in the recovery phase to go to the normalization phase to 2019 performance or to pre-pandemic performance.

“In general, the revenue of PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk was IDR461.92 billion in 2019. The income of a subsidiary of PT Panorama Sentrawisata Tbk. it that along with the weakening performance of tour packages. This segment supports 87% of the total revenue of PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk,” concluded AB Sadewa. [sources/photo special]