OLAIF, which is an online retail company, is now here to meet the daily needs of the Indonesian people. With a vision of creating a better everyday life for the community, Olaif is committed to providing a choice of quality products at affordable prices that are accessible to all.

According to Edric Mandagi, Founder & Managing Director of Olaif at the Grand Launch of Olaif Virtual Press Conference, on Thursday (1/20) said there are also products offered by Olaif that are quite diverse, ranging from personal care products, household hygiene, and cosmetics. other daily necessities. Currently, there are 26 types of products sold by Olaif. In the future, Olaif will continue to innovate and develop its products to meet the needs of families in Indonesia.

“All of the Olaif range of products have been specially selected by a team of specialists. The products offered are manufactured by trusted factories with safe and hygienic processes. Olaif has also obtained a distribution permit from BPOM and the Ministry of Health so that Olaif’s products are guaranteed to be safe for families in Indonesia,” he said.

Edric Mandagi, explained that we want to create a better everyday life for the community by presenting various high-quality products to meet people’s daily needs. With a very affordable price, Olaif can be enjoyed by all people.

“We are very grateful for the support from consumers who have shared their experiences using our products with their friends. This is our reason for presenting the Olaif Referral Program,” he noted.

He added that through this program, consumers can earn monthly income when their friends shop on the Olaif application or the Olaif Offical Store in the marketplace. In addition to the Olaif Referral Program, Olaif consumers can also enjoy 20% cashback without a maximum limit.

Olaif focuses on selling its products through online shopping services, so that it can make it easier for consumers. Currently, Olaif has three warehouses in Central Jakarta, East Jakarta and Tangerang. In the near future, Olaif will open a new warehouse in Surabaya. Olaif will continue to add warehouses in various regions in Indonesia, so that consumers can get Olaif products faster with more economical shipping costs. []