PORSCHE on Tuesday (1/25) local time announced the launch of the Cayenne and Cayenne Coupe special edition SUV models in the Indian market. The platinum edition of the Porsche Cayenne starts at 14,746,000 Rupees (IDR2.8 billion), while the platinum edition of the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid Coupe starts from 18,886,000 (IDR3.6 billion).

The two new platinum edition Cayennes introduced by Porsche come with several bespoke styling updates. The new special edition model gets ‘Porsche’ inscription on the rear, front air intakes, and 21-inch alloy wheels with a satin platinum finish. The car also gets a sports exhaust to add to the premium appeal.

In addition, the side window trim has been given a black finish. Exterior color options on the car include special metallic finishes such as Jet Black, Carrara White, Mahogany, Moonlight Blue, and Crayon.

Inside the cabin of the new special edition Porsche are a number of accents, including textured aluminum with silver trim. Other cabin highlights include the aluminum door frames, crayon-colored seat belts and special Platinum Edition inscription on the plate, as well as the “Porsche” logo embossed on the front and rear headrests.

Some of the standard equipment on the new Porsche models includes the use of LED headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System, a premium Bose surround sound system, electrically adjustable eight-way sports seats, ambient lighting and a signature analog clock on the dashboard.

Under the hood, there’s a 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine that’s claimed to churn out 330 bhp (standard iteration) and 449 bhp (E-Hybrid/17.9 kWh battery pack). Porsche has introduced the Cayenne in SUV and Coupe body styles. There are also standard and e-hybrid versions available.

The complete price of the new Cayenne Platinum Edition variant in the Indian Market: (1). Cayenne Platinum Edition – 14,746,000 Rupees (IDR2.8 billion), (2). Cayenne E-Hybrid Platinum Edition – 18,873,000 Rupees (IDR3.6 billion), (3). Cayenne Coupé Platinum Edition – 14,773,000 Rupees (IDR2.8 billion), (4). Cayenne E-Hybrid Coupé Platinum Edition – 18,886,000 Rupees (IDR3.6 billion). [antaranews/photo special]