SANTIKA Indonesia Hotels & Resorts is committed to introducing the richness of the archipelago’s cuisine by always bringing up the best menus in each region. Enliven Valentine’s Day, by promoting the Santika Iconic Food program, with theme ‘Love to Eat.’

According to Prita Gero as Assistant Marcom Manager Hotels said by providing attractive promos in 48 units ranging from Kampi Hotel, Hotel Santika, Hotel Santika Premiere, The ANVAYA, The Kayana & The Samaya. In the Santika Iconic Food program, guests can get discounts and discounts of up to 50% to enjoy the most iconic food & beverage menus at the Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts hotel unit.

“The Santika Iconic Food program is available in the form of vouchers that can be obtained on the member application belonging to Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts, MY VALUE. There are more than 60 promo vouchers for food and beverage menus that MyValue members can take using 0 points or for free,” said Prita.

Prita explained, the Santika Iconic Food program will run from February 14 to March 14, 2022. So that the culinary specialties of the archipelago and raise the best taste images from almost 30 cities. One of the menus we offer is Nasi Tutug Oncom from Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya as a typical Tasikmalaya dish consisting of a mixture of rice and oncom.

“There is also a Mangkele menu from The Kayana Beach – Lombok, which is a traditional Sasak food from Lombok. The Santika Iconic Food ‘Love to Eat’ promo is only available for MYVALUE members. How to become a MYVALUE member is very easy, you just need to download the application on Google Play or the Aps Store and register to become a member, it’s free! After that, just take the promo voucher and use it at the targeted hotel unit,” she said.

Prita added, in this Santika Iconic Food promo, Hotel Santika Premiere ICE – BSD City presents the mainstay menus of Love of Beef Steak, Love of Sandwich and Lady’s Coffee with Palm Sugar. Grilled sirloin steak and butter prawns doused in barbecue sauce and served with potato fondant and sauteed vegetables can be the main choices.

“Well, for the second menu, you can taste the soft and crispy toasted bread stuffed with juicy roasted herb chicken, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and spicy mayonnaise sauce,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Food & Beverage Manager of Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City, Rosim said that every purchase of the Love of Beef Steak or Love of Sandwich menu was packaged with Lady’s Coffee with palm sugar. The delicious mixture of robusta and arabica coffee beans that are blended just right with the addition of sweetness and the distinctive aroma of palm sugar.

“Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City provides a 30% discount on every package purchase. This Love of Beef Steak package promo can be obtained at a price of IDR140.000/nett while the Love of Sandwich package can be obtained at a price of IDR85,000,” Rosim finished. []