CARRYING the concept of Japanese-style coffee, Konnichiwa Coffee launched the latest Gorudo coffee beans which are 100% arabica, single origin from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Gorudo Beans are 100% Indonesian coffee that has a slightly sour and bitter taste, and has an aromatic smell like spices and chocolate.

By launching this coffee bean from Flores, Kopi Konnichiwa has a mission to invite all levels of Indonesian society to appreciate and love natural products from their own country, one of which is coffee beans.

This coffee bean variant is different from the previous Konnichiwa coffee bean variant, Konnichiwa blend. The most striking difference is the Konnichiwa blend variant uses robusta coffee beans, while the Gorudo beans variant uses arabica coffee beans.

The two coffee beans above have different characteristics and their respective connoisseurs. “With Gorudo beans, this variant is expected to be an option for people who don’t like bitter coffee,” said Kopi Konnichiwa in an official statement recently.

The latest menu that highlights the taste of Arabica coffee beans is Konnichiwa Latte, a combination of a slightly sweet taste from palm sugar and sweetness from the coffee beans themselves, followed by a light espresso taste, not too bitter, slightly sour and aromatic. [antaranews/photo special]