PADANG food has become one of the favorite menus of most Indonesian people, even foreign countries. How not, a variety of spices and seasonings that are rich in taste are processed into one in each dish to create a taste that is very indulgent to the tongue.

Starting from protein in the form of meat, eggs, vegetables, to complementary snacks, everything is cooked with abundant spices so that the enjoyment sometimes makes people forget themselves. It’s so delicious and varied, there are many tricks you can try to make your Nasi Padang menu even longer (re: very tasty in Padang).

According to Amelia, the Marketing Team from Padang Merdeka said that Padang cuisine is one of the typical Indonesian dishes that still exists today. By providing many variants of side dishes, such as rendang, pop chicken, curry, to beef jerky balado, Padang Merdeka presents the taste of the archipelago in a plate of nasi padang.

“In addition to using quality spices for our dishes, we also provide convenience for users in transacting by adopting digital payments such as ShopeePay,” said Amelia.

Here are some ways to enjoy Padang culinary dishes that you must try when visiting Padang Merdeka:

Mix the gravy, spices, and chili sauce with warm rice
The Nasi Padang dish is well known for its rich and abundant spices, such as rendang, chicken curry, spicy sour fish, and many more.

To get a more solid taste and delicacy, you can mix various sauces, spices, and green or red chilies with warm rice. Stir all the spices until evenly distributed then eat with your favorite side dish. Guaranteed, you will say ‘tambuah ciek’ aka ‘add, yes’. Eating with this concoction without side dishes is already very delicious, you know.

Try the sensation of skin crackers doused in curry sauce
Well, if this one trick is suitable to be a side dish. When visiting Padang Merdeka, try ordering skin crackers doused in curry sauce. Skin crackers or known as karupuak jangek in Minangkabau are made from selected cow skins that have been boiled, roasted, dried in the sun, then fried and salted.

You may often find skin crackers like this in stalls or restaurants, but the taste of skin crackers and curry sauce can only be found in Padang restaurants. The combination of savory beef skin crackers with a sauce rich in spices makes this simple dish taste very delicious and unique. For those of you who want a little extra, you can also add an omelette as a meal companion.

Eat it while it’s still warm
Indeed, nothing can beat the deliciousness of white rice that is still hot and fluffier. To get the perfect taste, eat Nasi Padang while it is still warm. The soft rice grains will instantly blend with the spices from your favorite side dish, and everything will come together in one mouthful. If you have this, you must be forgetting to diet.

The more economical, the better
All the pleasures of Nasi Padang are of course also more complete if there are promos that make eating pocket friendly. So, so that your pockets are more secure, and you can be satisfied enjoying Nasi Padang, you can take advantage of the promo at the Padang Merdeka outlet in collaboration with ShopeePay in the 3.15 Days ShopeePay Cashback campaign.

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Well, that’s four tricks to eat Nasi Padang to make it more delicious. Come on, keep your stomach free by enjoying the delicious culinary delights of Padang at Padang Merdeka! []