THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy encourages Indonesian cuisine to be the main dish for foreign tourists who come to Indonesia.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno said the success of getting to know Indonesian cuisine can help increase the interest of foreign tourists to come to Indonesia as a leading gastronomic destination.

“So, people who come to Indonesia can also get a sensation from our culinary products, so that it is no longer dishes from other countries that are enjoyed when visiting Indonesia but also our culinary products,” said Sandiaga during the Weekly Press Briefing, Monday (4/11).

Sandiaga explained that during a working visit to Australia he found that there were 50 well-known Indonesian restaurants in the kangaroo country.

In addition, according to Sandiaga Uno, a number of chefs from Indonesia are also well known in Australia. One of them is Chef Reynold, who was a contestant for the seventh season of MasterChef Australia in 2015.

“There are Tasia and Gracia who won My Kitchen Rules with their restaurant. How about the excellence of Indonesian culinary, there is Reynold Poernomo. It is important that Indonesian cuisine is known in the world. Because it can increase the number of tourists who want to visit the archipelago,” he remarked.

Sandiaga concluded that we will develop partnerships with the Indonesian diaspora. With the concept of Spice Up The world, the target is 4 thousand Indonesian restaurants by 2024. []