CULINARY diverse flavors in one bite, you can feel an interesting taste sensation as an alternative to breakfasting menu.

According to Pradipta Tirta Kencana, Owner of Taco Pedia, said Mexican cuisine is known to use fresh ingredients and is rich in spices. This gives Mexican cuisine a taste that is authentic and full of nutrition in every bite.

“Taco Pedia presents various types of Mexican culinary menus that are suitable for the tongue of the Indonesian people, so customers can explore interesting and different breakfasting menu options than usual. Not only that, we also provide attractive promos through collaboration with ShopeePay on the ShopeePay Big Ramadan Deals campaign so that breakfasting activities with family and relatives are more economical and fun,” he said.

Curious about Mexican culinary options? Taco Pedia shares several types of flavorful Mexican cuisine that you can try as a variation on the iftar menu:

Tacos, one of the typical Mexican menus that seem not cool to our ears. Even though it’s worldwide, it turns out that the origins of the appearance of tacos are not known for certain, you know! However, there are those who claim that tacos have been around since the 18th century and came from a silver mine located in Mexico.

The name taco itself is also mentioned to refer to one of the types of explosives in the silver mine. In the past, the classic taco consisted of folded tortilla shells filled with vegetables, meat and sauce. Now the type of filling for tacos has become more flexible according to taste. You can visit the nearest Taco Pedia outlet to try variations of taco fillings, ranging from processed chicken, beef, to sweet corn which is suitable for vegetarians. Interesting right?

Taquito or golden taco
At first glance, the appearance of this Mexican culinary is similar to Semarang’s typical spring rolls. Even so, of course, the flavors offered are quite unique and different. Unlike tacos, the tortilla shell in taquitos is formed by rolling. These tortilla skin rolls are filled with meat, vegetables and delicious sauce, then deep-fried until they are browned and have a crunchy texture.

You can also combine the taquito with additional sauces such as fresca sauce, guacamole sauce, or other sauces for a more diverse taste. Although it looks mini, this practical meal is actually rich in fiber, filling and certainly suitable for breaking the fast.

Burritos, delicious meat cushions
Burritos are one of the typical Mexican dishes that are loved by many people and have even become a practical meal that is a mainstay in several countries. Although at first glance it has a similar shape to a kebab, it turns out that burritos have more diverse fillings and are more densely arranged.

The contents are diverse and dense, making burritos have a rich taste and pamper the taste buds of the audience. This makes burritos one of the mainstay menus for Mexican food lovers when they are hungry. Another unique fact, it turns out that the name of the burrito does not come from the official language of Mexico or Spanish, you know! The origin of the name burrito was actually given by the United States. In Spanish, burrito means ‘little donkey’.

Quesadilla for cheese lovers
In Spanish, quesadilla literally means ‘little thing that contains cheese’. True to its name, a quesadilla consists of two torilla sandwiched cheese in the middle. Not only filled with cheese, quesadilla variations are now growing. Some add chicken, beef, and some add various types of vegetables. Don’t forget, sour cream sauce and tomato salsa are also often complementary to this dish.

Interested in trying Mexican food as an iftar menu? Find all of these dishes and a range of other Mexican specialties at the nearest Taco Pedia outlet. With the presence of a diverse menu, you can choose food according to your taste and of course the time to break the fast will be more exciting.

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It was a number of typical foods from Mexico that you can make as the idea of a breaking menu during this fasting month. []