THE TRADITION of sending Eid gifts or hampers to “elderly” and respected ones, to friends, relatives, relatives, friends, neighbors as well as business relations, is a form of affectionate friendship.

According to said Jeffrey Wibisono, General Manager Java Lotus Hotel Jember said so, in this year, Java Lotus Hotel Jember, offers a super creative Eid delivery package with two (2) choices such as Ater-Ater Ketupat Sayur sak Dandang (soups all-in-pot) with Ketupat stuffing, Kampung Chicken Curry, Lodeh Sayur, Empal Gepuk, Fried Sambal Balado Potatoes and Eggs. [Ater-ater is delivery of processed food ready to eat].

“Ketupat is a traditional food which is rice wrapped and made from woven young coconut leaves. Meanwhile, Ater-Ater Bakso while the filling is classic Meatball Mix plus Beef Ribs. With the portion size per package, it can be shared with 4 to 5 people. There are still extras, free fruit pudding and the cork as well as the ladle,” he said.

We want, Jeffrey continued to share the idea of ​​giving a meaningful gift or hampers at a special moment. For example, in the last two years we have not had time to celebrate Eid face to face. So, why don’t this opportunity give something special for togetherness.

“Java Lotus Hotel tries to present and share the best creativity for the people of Jember, so that the delivery—Jember’s ater-ater–in celebrating Eid this year, is more meaningful. Packages of Ater-Ater Kupat Sayur sak Dandang (all-in-the pot) and Ater-Ater Meatballs in dandang are not just packages of tradition and enjoyment. It includes concern for the environment. There is a cormorant, a ladle from Jember craftsmen. Processed contents are also from the surrounding planters,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, the culinary creative team, Arif, Chef De Cuisine Hotel, said that vegetable ketupat is a special menu for every Eid. In some areas, Ketupat Sayur, the first day of Eid, when gathered with relatives.

“The longing, the feeling of “missing” the atmosphere of the arrival of Eid with the Ketupat Sayur dish became a sweet memory in the days after that. And what about the meatballs while cooking? Even though there are meatballs every day. In fact, meatballs are still an alternative that is sought after during the Eid moment.

“Because D-2 until Eid day, it is identical to the menu of processed chicken and meat with coconut milk. This Eid 2022, which theater do you want, for your parents, future in-laws or for your loved ones? Carrying out the tradition while sharing-vegetable ketupat sayur all-in-pot or meatballs all-in-pot? []