WHO IS not familiar with yogurt? This sour-fresh drink made from dairy products with healthy probiotic bacteria is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to healthy drinks with a variety of refreshing fruit flavors.

Not only suitable for quenching thirst when breaking the fast, yogurt with various nutritional and vitamin contents also has many good properties so that the body stays fit while fasting in the month of Ramadan.

According to Yuli, Marketing of The Moo, said yogurt containing good bacteria and vitamins needed by the body is certainly suitable as a healthy menu choice when fasting. The Moo presents innovative yogurt drinks with quality ingredients combined with toppings such as fruits, wheat, to delicious and nutritious desserts.

“We are also collaborating with ShopeePay on the ShopeePay Big Ramadan Deals campaign until May 5, so that we can present healthy and practical drinks and be more efficient throughout the month of Ramadan,” said Yuli.

Well, still curious about the benefits of drinking yogurt? Let’s take a look at the following four benefits:

Healthy bacteria for digestion as an antidote to eat a lot
Have you ever broken your fast with various types of menus until your stomach feels full? It is undeniable, it is very easy to go crazy tasting the breakfasting menu after a day of fasting. However, this way of eating has the potential to make the stomach uncomfortable and interfere with activities.

Yogurt with probiotic bacteria is very useful for calming stomach conditions and balancing the number of good bacteria so that the digestive tract continues to run normally. To be free from bloating, you can vary heavy and light meals when breaking the fast with yogurt as a complement. As a recommendation, you can try the Sticky Purple Rice Yogurt menu from The Moo which is fresh and of course has a myriad of benefits.

The content of protein & calcium is complementary to nutrition while fasting
Even though there is a change in diet during the month of fasting, that doesn’t mean that nutritional intake is out of control, you know! Yogurt drinks that contain a dose of protein and calcium can be a healthy answer to complement your nutritional intake.

The Moo comes by offering a wide selection of flavors that can be tailored to suit your tastes and needs, from Oats Yogurt for those who like processed wheat, refreshing Berry Berry Good Yogurt, to Go! mango! with a sweet mango flavour. Of course, these drinks are suitable to be used as takjil when breaking the fast so that the body is more refreshed or to increase the intake of protein and calcium nutrients at dawn.

Take care of your condition and immunity
Fasting in the midst of a pandemic certainly has its own challenges. One way to keep fasting comfortable is to increase endurance. Besides being delicious to eat, it turns out that the levels of probiotics in yogurt drinks can help the body to increase endurance.

When consumed regularly, the probiotic content in yogurt drinks can increase immunity and prevent you from the danger of contracting disease. In addition to consuming yogurt regularly, don’t forget to adjust your diet, establish a regular sleep routine, and exercise lightly, yes!

Hydrates the body and keeps skin moist
Every day, the body has a need for water that needs to be met to avoid dehydration. Fasting activities require us to meet our water needs, which can be done from the time of breaking the fast until the time of dawn again. Thus, water consumption must be carried out effectively and efficiently considering that there is limited time to keep the body hydrated.

In addition to mineral water, you can consume yogurt drinks that contain high water content and are nutritious to avoid flatulence. Besides being able to meet the fluid needs in the body, yogurt drinks can also moisturize skin that is prone to dryness during fasting, you know!

Those are the four benefits of drinking yogurt that can refresh your fast. Find a variety of flavors of yogurt drinks from The Moo, from The Moo Signature Yogurt Smoothie, The Moo Real Fruit Yogurt Smoothie, The Moo Energy Grains Yogurt, Sweet Delight, to Tea Series. Save even more, enjoy special offers from The Moo and ShopeePay throughout Ramadan on the ShopeePay Big Ramadan Deals campaign.

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What are you waiting for? Come on, feel the myriad benefits of yogurt drinks so that fasting is more exciting, enthusiastic, and healthy too! []