INDONESIAN school, Lollypop Preschool Bandung has integrated StoryChopsticks’ creative Chinese curriculum pedagogy into its curriculum. To better prepare her students for a world with increasing usage of the Chinese language, Lollypop accelerates their learning by providing the critically important but missing Chinese environment.

Students at Lollypop Preschool supported by a teacher trained in the fun and highly engaging pedagogy of StoryChopsticks, play in a proprietarily designed physical Chinese Corner Designed to spark children’s imagination and ignite their passion for creation, StoryChopsticks creates original stories to do away with dry and repetitive learning.

Children are motivated to extend the stories on their own and are encouraged to create their own stories with their flashcards as building blocks, as well as their drawing book as a sandbox.

According to Handy, Owner of Lollypop Preschool Bandung said lessons with Lollypop Preschool’s students will be conducted through hybrid learning, in the actual classroom and in the metaverse Lollypop Preschool’s school in “StoryLand”, and as part of the curriculum, students will be drawing and writing to create their own Chinese stories.

“We constantly evolve our holistic education. We are both aware of the importance of the Chinese language in the future. Our partnership with StoryChopsticks helps us spark the interest of learning the Chinese language through an environment completely natural to our students and sets the foundation for their future. To us, the ultimate expression of language mastery is being able to confidently express ourselves,” he said.

Meanwhile Yuanxin Sun, CEO of StoryChopsticks said our collaboration with Lollypop School amplifies the best-of online and offline Chinese learning in an environment where the usage of the language is sparse. Now Lollypop Preschool students may learn Chinese in school and continue learning with other kids all over the world at home, all done at their Chinese Corner, whether in their physical school or in the metaverse.

Selected students from Lollypop Preschool Bandung will also participate in research on hybrid online-offline methodologies together with specific research institutes.

The Lollypop Preschool Bandung-StoryChopsticks will launch the hybrid Chinese Corner in The Grand Opening on 21 May 2022, starting at 9 am – 4 pm JKT time, and will be starting the new curriculum starting 23 May 2022 on Summer Camp and made available to all students starting 11 July 2022. []