TALKING about the culinary specialties of the archipelago is endless. However, there is a dish that is considered a true national food, namely Nasi Goreng.

In Indonesia, fried rice has many types because it has developed and adapted with spices from their respective regions. For those of you who want to taste a variety of fried rice dishes with Indonesian flavors, Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City is an option that you can visit.

Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City is proud to present a variety of fried rice dishes in the context of the Nasi Goreng Festival. There are four types of Indonesian fried rice that you can try at Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City, namely Iga Fried Rice, Ijo Chili Fried Rice, Rujak Seasoned Fried Rice and Rawon Fried Rice.

According to Rosim, Food and Beverage Manager hotel, said we realize that fried rice itself is a typical Indonesian food that has a high level of authenticity and is liked by almost all people, so we really want to bring a taste sensation. Fried rice that is different from other fried rice that our guests have tried before.

“Our four fried rices have their own taste and characteristics so that guests can choose what kind of taste they want to taste,” he said.

He explained, for Nasi Goreng Iga, it is fried rice made with native Indonesian herbs and spices and served with special grilled ribs, shrimp, egg slices, pickled vegetables and chips as a complement. Not only that, there is also sambal matah which makes this dish more diverse in taste.

“Next is Nasi Goreng Ijo, which is fried rice with special spices and served with grilled chicken wings, prawns, sliced ​​eggs, chips and pickled vegetables. The difference between green fried rice and fried rice in general is of course the green color and the spicy taste. This is because the color comes from a mixture of ground green chilies and processed vegetables,” said Rosim.

He added, then there was Nasi Goreng Bumbu Rujak served with grilled chicken wings with rujak seasoning, shrimp, sliced ​​eggs and chips and pickled vegetables as a complement. You can taste a new blend of flavors between Nasi Goreng and one of the typical Indonesian side dishes, namely Rujak, which is identical to its sweet and spicy taste.

The last is Rawon Fried Rice which has a delicious and special taste. Rawon itself is a typical Surabaya food that has a savory taste of beef and is served using gravy, but this time Hotel Santika serves it in the form of fried rice.

“Perhaps for guests who often eat rawon in the form of gravy, it is too often, therefore we try to make it in the form of fried rice so that it can be a new experience for our guests. Rawon fried rice itself is served with sliced ​​beef and various kinds of complements such as rawon dishes ranging from sprouts, fried onions, chips to salted eggs,” he remarked.

You can enjoy this variety of fried rice dishes by Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City at a price of only IDR99,000 nett per menu and also your dining experience will be more perfect with the comfortable atmosphere presented by Mandalika Restaurant.  []