THE #ShopeeJAVAinPARIS event has successfully wowed Parisians and succeeded in making the products of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia to be excellent with a total of hundreds of products sold at Le BHV Marais from 8 June to 15 July 2022.

This collaboration between Shopee, the Solo City Government, the Indonesian Embassy in Paris, and BHV Marais has succeeded in attracting residents and other foreign tourists to get to know Indonesian culture better through art performances and hundreds of Indonesian-made products at this well-known department store which is part of the Lafayette Gallery network.

“This exhibition event is very good and interesting, and the products are amazing! I love it!”, said Jo, a Parisian who attended and admired the show Indonesian culture at the Java in Paris event, in a press statement.

Jo also praised the beauty of Danar Hadi’s batik shirt, a legendary batik brand from Solo who participated in the event. The unique motifs in batik captured the attention of Jo, who was really interested in Indonesian culture.

“Java in Paris is very good, successfully presenting Indonesia to the world’s eyes with various cultural performances. Many people also appreciate local Indonesian products which are not only classic (traditional), but also contemporary and different from fashion products sold in Europe,” said Jo.

Similar comments also came from another French citizen, Joelle, who had come to watch music, dance, and traditional Indonesian cultural products.

Joelle, who really likes traveling to Bali, is already very familiar with Indonesian batik clothes and without a doubt says that the MSME products from Indonesia that are sold at Le BHV Marais are attractive products with superior quality.

“I have been to Indonesia, to be precise in Bali and had time to buy some Indonesian batik with beautiful motifs in Ubud. Today, I feel nostalgic again because I can see again beautiful and good quality batik fabrics, at prices that are not too expensive. So far, I am happy with the products displayed here, it makes me yearn to come back to Indonesia,” said Joelle.

Hundreds of Indonesian MSME products are now flooding the leading department store in Paris. Starting from batik brands such as Danar Hadi, Trusmi batik, Shiroshima batik, Janédan leather bags which promote an environmentally friendly concept, to the coffee brand, JJ Royal, which participated in the exhibition displaying its superior products.

The ShopeeJAVAinPARIS event is an opportunity for local MSME players to advance to class and spread their wings abroad, as well as an opportunity for Indonesia to introduce cultural heritage to the world stage. Through this event, Shopee allows Indonesia to show that local MSME products are able to compete globally. [antaranews]