AIRBNB will permanently ban accommodations rented through the platform from being used as party venues after finding the policy effective at suppressing unauthorized parties.

Airbnb, reported by Reuters on Wednesday (6/29), saw a 44% year-over-year decline in reports of lodging being used as a party location since implementing the ban in August 2020.

According to them, more than 6,600 guests and hosts have been suspended throughout 2021 for violating the ban on partying. The platform originally banned parties at inns to suppress the spread of COVID-19. They want to make this policy permanent considering the summer holiday season has started.

“This is an issue that I don’t even know is a finish line for,” said Airbnb spokesman Ben Breit.

In 2019, Airbnb began to tighten their rules by starting to ban “party houses” or lodgings that often cause a nuisance to the neighborhood.

Since the pandemic the platform has removed the filter for “event friendly” searches and removed the “parties and events allowed” criteria. [antaranews/photo special]