HIDDEN gems and eco-tourism are becoming more and more popular in line with the return of the flow of local and foreign tourists in Indonesia.

“We see that ecotourism has great potential, with ecotourism destinations usually visited by tourists in small groups who are actively seeking information about nature and culture, either through digital channels or interacting with the surrounding community,” said Country Head OYO Indonesia Agus Hartono Wijaya in the press on Wednesday (6/29).

The data noted, there was an increase in room bookings by 176% in May 2022. The provinces of Central Java, West Java, East Java, Bali and North Sumatra which offer a lot of natural tourism are still favorite destinations for customers to vacation with family.

The following are some hidden gem destinations:
Sanghyang Kenit, Rajamandala
Located in West Bandung Regency which provides views of river currents and ancient caves. The damming of the flow of the Citarum Purba River to the Rajamandala hydropower plant has caused the water that passes through Sanghyang Kenit to become shallow. The current also tends to calmly flow between ancient rocks which can now be visited by tourists.

Stone Garden and Pawon Cave, Citatah
This location is an ancient cave complex where ancient human skeletons are suspected to be the ancestors of the Sundanese, although until now they are still being studied by the Balai

Smart farming, Cibeunying Village, Cibodas, West Bandung
For tourists who want to take their family and children on vacation, this destination can be an option. Offering views of beautiful gardens and rice fields, this destination also provides a strawberry farm and pine hills that can be explored with the family.

Manik Peak, Bangunharja Village, Ciamis
Another option for family tourism destinations, Puncak Manik offers various activities for families and children, such as fisheries and agricultural education tours, fun tubing on the Cihonje River, Cicapar Forest trails, manik kidzland peaks, flying fox, outbound games, to views of the Cipetir Valley. .

Resi Goa, Conto Village, Bulukerto, Wonogiri
Goa Resi presents natural beauty and a beautiful atmosphere in the form of photo objects in the cave with a background of colorful lights accompanied by water droplets from the top of the cave and offers a swimming pool that can be enjoyed by children.

Carangsari Village Cycling, Bali
Suitable for guests of all ages, this cycling tour allows tourists to get a glimpse of the daily life of local people, Balinese culture and accompanied by stunning natural scenery. [sources/photo antara]