FOR MANY Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) players, especially those who are just starting a business in the current digital era, a strategy to attract consumer interest is the key to support the growth and success of the business being run, including on the e-commerce platform.

One of them is to provide an easy and reliable payment method for consumers to transact. Based on the 2021 E-Commerce Statistical Report published by the Central Statistics Agency, bank transfer is one of the most frequently used payment methods by e-commerce players or digital businesses.

In response to this, ShopeePay collaborated with Hilda Fachrizah, S.E., M.M., lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia and Kara Nugroho, Co-Founder & Creative Director of PVRA, a well-known local shoe brand in Indonesia, to share some effective tips for business people to attract consumer interest.

Hilda Fachrizah, SE., MM., lecturer in Economic Behavior and Applied Research at FEB UI invites business people to carefully use effective payment methods to support their business growth, as well as the importance of actively educating customers about the benefits of various services to increase their productivity.

The other is through the Transfer To Anywhere service from ShopeePay, which allows users to transfer ShopeePay balances to anywhere in real time or directly, without admin fees and without daily quotas.

“In order to continue to develop and ensure business continuity, MSME players need various supports from many parties. Given that MSME players operating in the digital realm tend to still rely on bank transfers to conduct transactions with their customers, facilities or services are needed that are easy, reliable, and can encourage customer interest in transacting, which in turn will increase customer transactions and bring benefits to MSME players,” she said.

In line with #ShopeeAdaUntukUMKM‘s commitment to supporting local MSMEs to grow and empower in the digital era as well as to provide convenience and benefits for consumers in transacting, ShopeePay offers Transfer To Anywhere features and services, namely direct transfer services to fellow ShopeePay users and to bank accounts.

With the advantage of free admin fees and no transfer quota limits every day. The presence of this service is expected to make it easier for consumers to transact, thereby encouraging the development of local MSME businesses in Indonesia.

“With the ShopeePay feature that can facilitate customer transactions, MSME players can carefully educate customers to take advantage of the most profitable method for both parties. Now, MSME players do not need to open accounts from various banks to provide payment options via bank transfer without admin fees. This feature can encourage the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia, so MSME players must take advantage of it,” Hilda remarked.

3 Strategies to Attract Consumer Interest for MSME Players
Meanwhile, from a practitioner’s point of view as well as a businessman, Kara Nugroho, Co-Founder & Creative Director of PVRA, shared three main strategies for MSME players in attracting consumer interest and developing their business.

1. Stimulate consumer interest through benefits and convenience
One of the well-known local shoe brands, PVRA, also welcomed the presence of the Transfer To Anywhere service from ShopeePay. PVRA believes this service is useful to support the personal shopper services they offer, where customers can consult directly via WhatsApp with PVRA special staff regarding the product they want to buy until the transaction is complete.

“The majority of customers who consult through our personal shopper service will usually complete the transaction via the transfer method. The presence of the Transfer To Anywhere service from ShopeePay allows our customers to transact via transfer in real time or directly, without admin fees and without daily quotas. This has a significant impact on sales figures through our personal shopper service because customers can experience shopping more easily, efficiently, and profitably,” Kara noted.

2. Understand customer needs
In addition to providing convenience for customers through features and services that can be used, Kara also believes that business people must be able to position themselves as consumers and conduct market research on a regular basis to maintain business existence in a fierce market competition.

“Research has a very important role to be able to create product innovations that suit customer needs. By understanding the products that customers want, we can be free to be creative in a directed manner and still give a distinctive touch to the products we create,” Kara said.

3. Consistently maintain quality
When a business starts to grow and has loyal customers, one important thing to maintain consumer interest is the consistency of product quality.

“Economic turmoil sometimes requires MSME actors to rack their brains and look for more economical alternative raw materials to ensure business continuity. However, keep in mind that consumers also deserve the best. Good product quality will build customer trust and potentially create loyalty to the brand’s products. Try to continue to maintain product quality so that customers are always interested in transacting with us again,” she concluded.

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