CELEBRATING World Refugee Day 2022, R Home Indonesia is an initiative which empowers young refugees in Indonesia through arts collaborating with Alleira Batik to create ready-to-wear collections with the batik motif painted by the young refugees in Cisarua, Bogor.

According to Tiffany Mihardja, a student entrepreneur actively involved in humanitarian missions, particularly for young refugees in Indonesia said young refugees from Cisarua will be showcasing their amazing artistic creations on stage alongside renowned journalists and spouses of Ambassadors from various countries.

But when asked about the reason why she concerned to these young refugees, Tiffany directly answered that I really eager to provide comfort and familial support to young refugees. That’s the way I started R Home – taping into the power of transforming this seemingly distant and foreign land of Indonesia to become “our home.”

“Our Home” transpired as the theme of R Home’s first painting competition in Cisarua, Bogor on August 27th, 2021. As you know young refugees often undergo traumatic experiences and anxiety as they await a new home,” she said.

She explained that through the R home community believes that painting is therapeutic means to release emotions and through numerous painting competitions, the creation of the competition’s winners are then curated into a range of lifestyle merchandise-ready-to-wear, scarves, tote bags, etc.

“Recently R Home has collaborated alongside Alleira Batik to create ready-to-wear collections with the batik motif painted by the young refugees in Cisarua, and to continue empowering refugees residing in Indonesia, and again R-Home has collaborated with Alleira to celebrated the World Refugee Day 2022 with the fashion show was recently held in Mitra Hadiprana Gallery Kemang, Jakarta,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Zakaria Hamzah of Alleira Batik said that this time Alleira Batik collaborated with R Home to hold a fashion show where part of the sales profits collected were used to help refugees in Indonesia.

“The collection is presented in 3 sequences of adult models and children’s models from the HLC Cisarua refuge, and is inspired by the paintings of refugee children, so as to create a charming collection, this collection is expected to inspire every woman and man to look beautiful and happy, like how refugee children feel when they paint,” said Zaka.

He added, this moment that symbolizes happiness inspired Alleira to design ready-to-wear clothes in dynamic and elegant forms. Therefore, with this collection, the colors used are dominated by bold, bright and positive colors, namely red, purple, blue and cream and several other color gradations.

“Alleira Batik and R Home present collections in the form of loose dresses, loose blouses, crop jackets, pleated skirts and long sleeve shirts, on soft satin and dobby materials. We dedicate this collection to our batik lovers,” concluded Zaka. []