FORBES Advisor UK ranks Ubud as the sixth best international destination city for individual travelers or solo travelers. The ranking was carried out by Forbes Advisor UK together with three independent individual travel experts namely Adventurous Kate, Vicky Flip Flop Travels and Global Grasshopper. They analyzed 40 cities around the world with 12 ranking metrics including number of hostels, local crime rate, and average cost of meals.

According to Tjokorda Gde Bayuputra Sukawati, Chairperson of the Ubud Tourism Bina Foundation, said I believed that the collaboration between the foundation and Gojek had become an important factor that pushed Ubud to be in that position.

“The cooperation that has been carried out so far, apart from creating new job opportunities, which is no less important is to provide technology-based transportation services that prioritize convenience, comfort and security for tourists in mobilizing both inside and outside the Ubud area,” he said.

He added, therefore, we express our gratitude for the cooperation that has been established so far and hope that this collaboration can always be developed to continue to advance Ubud as the prima donna of national and international tourism. [sources/photo special]