MINISTRY of Tourism and Economy Creative assumed that heritage tourism can benefit local residents if it is presented with local wisdom. The tourism destination must have a prudent branding, and its development must benefit residents.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno at the 2022 Indonesia Heirloom Meeting in Siak, Riau has said heritage tourism is one of the tourism aspects that is attracting tourists most in the post-COVID-19 tourism era. New tourism trends in the post-pandemic era are tending toward the development of personalized, customized, localized, and smaller-size tourism.

“Historical-based tourism, including heirloom tourism, is within the characteristics. It is not presented as mass tourism but provides a bold tourism experience, which is consistent with quality and sustainable tourism,” the minister said.

Sandiaga Uno then lauded the 2022 Indonesia Heirloom Meeting, hosted by the Indonesian Heirloom Trust (BPPI), that is aimed at enhancing the potential of heritage tourism, particularly heirloom-based tourism.

“We believe Indonesia’s mainstay is heritage- and culture-based tourism, and we see cooperation opportunities with the BPPI in the future,” he said.

He added that the ministry is also seeking to create 4.4 million new job opportunities in the tourism and creative sector by 2024. Our target this year is to create 1.1 million new quality jobs in the tourism and creative economy sector, which will increase to 4.4 million new jobs by 2024.

Earlier, assistant II of Siak district government and head of the event’s organizing committee, Hendrisan, said that the district supported the meeting as Siak is a part of the trust.

“Some activities in the event are classes on heirloom preservation and management, and the event’s theme is ‘Opportunities and Challenges of Heirloom Economy Implementation in Heirloom City,’” he informed on Friday (August 19, 2022). [antaranews/photo special]