AS an effort to accelerate the recovery of the tourism sector and the creative economy affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy proposed an additional budget of the Tourism Ministry in 2023 of IDR4,186,990,000,000 in a working meeting with Commission X of the Indonesian House of Representatives.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in a meeting held at the DPR-RI Building, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (8/31) said to accelerate the recovery (tourism and creative economy sector) and maintain momentum, we proposed a budget of the Tourism Ministry of IDR4,186,990,000,000.

“The proposal to increase the budget has been submitted to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of National Development Planning (Bappenas) twice. Where the first additional proposal on March 24, 2022 is IDR952,096,897,000 and the second proposal on July 4, 2022 is IDR3,234,893,103,000. Based on the financial note of the draft state revenue and expenditure budget (RAPBN) for the 2023 fiscal year, the Ministry of Tourism’s temporary/budget ceiling is IDR3,381,345,168,000,” he said.

Sandiaga noted, although the budget ceiling set was far below our expectations, we need to emphasize that every rupiah will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and we will manage and optimize its use to advance the tourism sector and Indonesia’s creative economy.

“For the sake of recovery, revival (of the economy), job creation, and also to ensure recovery momentum we refer to recovering faster and rising stronger,” he stated.

Responding to this, Agustina Wilujeng Pramestuti, chairperson of the meeting stated that Commission X of the Indonesian House of Representatives, asked the Ministry of Tourism to focus on programs and activities aimed at restoring the creative tourism sector through stimulus for creative tourism players. As well as strengthening the creative economy ecosystem consistently in accordance with Law Number 24 of 2019 concerning the creative economy.

“We also encourage the Ministry of Tourism to continue to coordinate with the Ministry of SOEs regarding the need for additional modes of transportation so that the acceleration of tourism and the creative economy in 2023 can be optimized. In addition, the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission X advised the Ministry of Tourism to reduce strategic digital transformation programs in the form of activities- activities that are right on target and can increase budget allocations,” Agustina concluded. []