THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy held an Integrated Industry and Investment (3i) activity for tourism businesses and the creative economy in Labuan Bajo to encourage the acceleration of investment, development and development of tourism destinations as well as to improve the quality and inclusiveness of the tourism industry and the creative economy.

The series of 3i activities include socialization, mentoring and coaching clinic for registration of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 9042:2021 (SNI CHSE), cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability where tourism activities are organized and supported.

Furthermore, the Business Meeting for Strengthening the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Supply Chain in the tourism and creative economy sectors. Through this program, the Tourism Ministry seeks to encourage the creation of an increase in the quality of MSME products and introduce these products to larger industrial networks such as hotel chains.

“The Indonesian economy in the first quarter of 2022 grew by around 5.44%. Of course, this situation will trigger an increase in business activities, especially MSMEs as the backbone of the Indonesian economy. Moreover, MSMEs are able to absorb 97% of the workforce in Indonesia and integrate investment of more than 60%,” Sandiaga remarked.

This needs to be coupled with programs that can optimize this potential. One of them is by presenting the Integrated Industry and Investment (3i) activity which was held on Friday (9/9/2022) in Batu Cermin Cave, Labuan Bajo.

“We have facilitated CHSE certification for 12 thousand tourism businesses throughout Indonesia. We are also carrying out supply chain strengthening program activities or MSME supply chain in the tourism and creative sector,” he said.

The Tourism Ministry, explained Sandiaga, had previously facilitated access to financing for MSME players, one of which was through the distribution of People’s Business Credit (KUR). As well as assisting the process of issuing Business Permit Numbers (NIB) through a risk-based OSS system, with the tagline GAMPIL (Easy to Manage Permit) which is a coaching clinic facilitation so that it is easier for tourism and creative business players who want to start their business activities.

Since the launch of the risk-based OSS system, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has succeeded in facilitating the issuance of 281,719 NIBs (Numbers for Business Administration) throughout Indonesia, of which 97.48% are SMEs.

“The President’s message some time ago was to encourage MSMEs to develop their business scale and access to financing as wide as possible. And today, we are grateful that we have handed over KUR. In 2021, it will be distributed to 3.4 million tourism and creative economy players with a total of IDR 129 trillion. In the first semester of 2022 we have also succeeded in distributing KUR to 1.5 million tourism and economic players.

He explained that we will continue to encourage the process of issuing business permits in the tourism and creative sector in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment, KSP who continue to encourage a risk-based OOS system with the GAMPIL program (Easy for Permit Management).

Thus, Sandiaga hopes that the target of creating 1.1 million new and quality jobs in 2022 and 4.4 million in 2024 can be realized. It is hoped that the improvement of people’s living standards and expanding the improvement of living standards and employment opportunities are aimed at the progress of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Industry and Investment, Henky Manurung, explained that today’s 3i activity was attended by approximately 330 MSME participants in Labuan Bajo. Activity 3i shows that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is here to make the entire community, especially MSME players, the backbone of the Indonesian economy. We will continue to oversee to push the target of job creation in other super priority tourism destinations.

Likewise, Deputy for Investment Promotion, Ministry of Investment/BKPM, Nurul Ikhwan said, the Tourism Ministry program was in accordance with President Jokowi’s directives to encourage MSMEs to advance to class by having an NIB. After getting the NIB, they can get access to credit from banks or KUR with very low interest rates.

“When friends have received the NIB, then coaching can be done with various agencies. This coaching is very important. Especially for those related to tourism, we at the Ministry of Investment are fully supportive and want that MSMEs that are currently standing are part of the tourism ecosystem in Labuan Bajo an increasingly inclusive,” he concluded. []