IONATION 2022 is a fun sport festival presented by ION WATER by Pocari Sweat that is specially dedicated to encourage Indonesia to be more active and healthier post-pandemic. Ionation 2022 presented a wide selection of sports activities and fitness sessions with live work out inspiring health and fitness expertise with collaboration with live music

According to Puspita Winawati, Marketing Director of PT Amerta Indah Otsuka during a press conference, Saturday (9/10) said IONATION 2022, the biggest Hybrid Workout and Music Festival, which was held today at Tennis Indoor Senayan GBK which was attended by around 3000 sports lovers.

“Indeed, in the last 2 years, the trend for a healthy lifestyle and consumption of low-calorie products has been increasing. This is evidenced by the high interest in exercising and consuming low-calorie foods and beverages,” she said.

In line with the vision and mission of the Otsuka company, Puspita continued to continue to contribute to public health with its products, ION WATER as a low-calorie isotonic drink invites people to continue to live a healthy lifestyle through workouts at IONATION 2022.

“This year, various activities to introduce workout sports and IONATION activities were also carried out through a series of Road to IONATION activities which were attended by a total of 6,460 hybrid participants. The increasing trend for workouts is not seen only in Jakarta, because with our joint workout activities we have also succeeded in attracting thousands of participants spread across more than 70 cities throughout Indonesia,” Puspita Winawati remarked.

She added that the activities that have been carried out since June are ION WATER’s efforts to inspire more people to be moved to live healthier lives, as well as to introduce IONATION.

Meanwhile, ION WATER Brand Ambassador, Andrea Dian said, of course, in the midst of my busy activities, paying attention to a low-calorie lifestyle is very important. So regular exercise, as well as low-calorie food and drink intake to help me stay fit.

“The combination of workout with live music is very unique and there is no concept of a workout festival created like this. In addition to healthy exercise, the IONATION concept allows us to enjoy enjoyment and happiness,” she said.

Likewise, Putri Marino, Brand Ambassador of ION WATER, said that workout festivals like IONATION provide a variety of workout classes, and I think this is quite friendly for all levels, from beginners to advanced. As an actress, of course, sports are needed to support activities to always be fit. The trick is to choose a sport activity that feels fun.

In line with Putri, Jennifer Bachdim, ION WATER Brand Ambassador said that workout is the basic of all sports. It can be done anywhere, and with anyone. With IONATION, I want to invite more people to try to do and like regular exercise, especially the mothers out there to keep their bodies healthy and fit.

For a more exciting and fun workout experience, ION WATER at IONATION also presents celebrity workout enthusiasts, certified instructors with classes ranging from Yoga, Body Combat, Pound Master, Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT), Workout Dance, and Zumba, as well as accompanied by live music from Diskopantera, Dittopercussion, Nikki Frazetta, DJ Wizznu, and closing performance by Maliq & D’Essentials. []