SOUTH KOREA is still a magnet for Indonesians who like to travel or travel abroad. Not only Korean Pop or K-Pop musicians. Even tourist and culinary attractions in South Korea are considered to be fun places to visit.

According to the Director of KTO Jakarta, Yang Su Bae, at the Korea MICE Travel Mart & Dinner, Monday evening (9/19) said that in response to this, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as a South Korean tourism promotion agency in Jakarta held the Korea MICE Travel Mart event. B2B Session with around 20 sellers from Korea. The purpose of this event is to welcome tourists from Indonesia (RI) and around the world.

“KTO Jakarta believes that they have their own unique views and ways of enjoying Korea and Indonesia will make the spirit of the Indonesian people to go to the Ginseng Country. We hope that more Indonesian people want to travel to Korea,” said Mr. Yang Su Bae.

He added that his party wants to officially invite the Indonesian people to vacation in Korea. In addition, we hope that Indonesian tourists will choose Korea as their main holiday destination in the near future, perhaps this year or next year.

“Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island Korea has a variety of iconic tourist destinations, historical tours, nature tours, and educational tours that are friendly to tourists. Besides that, there is one iconic tour, namely Namsan Tower in Seoul. This tourist destination is known to have a romantic place where tourists can install love locks and can enjoy the Seoul cityscape from a height of 138 meters,” he noted.

It is said, in Seoul, there is the tallest building in Korea, Lotte World Tower & Mall. This place has a sky bridge which is an outdoor bridge with a height of 541 meters. Some of these destinations include Haeundae Beach, Gamcheon Culture Village, Taejongdae Park, Hwangnyeong Mountain and Daejeo Ecological Park.

“Not only that, but tourists can also enjoy the night view of the city of Busan by visiting The Bay 101, and many more,” Yang Su Bae explained.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Indonesian Travel Agent Association (Astindo), Pauline Suharno said one of the big challenges now is inflation and the cost. Most of the air ticket fare increase nearly 200-300% compared to the time prior to the pandemic. But don’t worry, according to result of Global Rescue Summer 2022 Traveler Safety & Sentiment Survey, saying that 79% traveler around the world will still travel although the traveling cost is rising.

“And only 20% of the respondents will adjust the budget. It means the clients might shedding cost in other areas for example, downgrading the accommodation from five stars to less, long haul to be short haul, international trip to domestic,” she said.

Pauline remarked that our dear suppliers and travel agents, people still want to travel as much as before. Most of the hotels, resorts, venues in favorite MICE destinations are in extremely high demand. It’s our duty now to inform our clients, especially corporate clients to really plan ahead to ensure they could secure the venues they wanted.

“Korea has lots of incredible venues, unique experiences and tons of accommodations. It’s a country renowned for its time-honored cultural traditions, world class facilities and digital innovations. Dynamic destinations across Korea will definitely take your meetings and events to the next level,” Pauline concluded. []