FOR THE first time in history, Indonesia has the honor of hosting the 42nd World Tourism Day (WTD) celebration on 27 September 2022 in Bali which will be an important and strategic momentum for Indonesia to realize its development agenda and ideals of quality and sustainable tourism.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in his statement, recently said that this year’s World Tourism Day is celebrated as a transition towards tourism which will be recognized as an important pillar for the development and progress of post-pandemic tourism.

For this reason, the theme for WTD 2022 is “Rethinking Tourism”. Where stakeholders in the tourism sector unite their vision and mission through creative ideas or ideas that are oriented towards ‘people’ and ‘planet’ in order to strengthen resilience. So that the tourism sector is not vulnerable to disasters.

Since the pandemic hit the world, all stakeholders have realized that strengthening the basic foundation of tourism that puts forward ‘people’ (preparing a more resilient, superior, and competitive society) and ‘planet’ (maintaining environmental sustainability and natural wealth) is an absolute thing that must be done by all stakeholders. every tourism person.

“So that the value of tourism itself will be even greater because it has a good impact not only on improving people’s welfare but also on the sustainability of our earth. Therefore, the celebration of World Tourism Day 2022 is a very strategic momentum for Indonesia to realize the agenda and ideals of a more sustainable future tourism,” said Sandiaga.

This WTD celebration will feature a multi-stakeholder discussion panel with the theme “Rethinking Tourism as a Key Element on Recovery” and also a discussion with the theme “The Tourism We Want” which will be led by representatives from the tourism sector in Bali.

It is projected that as many as 200 to 300 representatives of UNWTO member countries, G20 Tourism Ministers, guest countries, international organizations, national and international tourism stakeholders will attend to strengthen the celebrations and key messages of World Tourism Day.

“Of course, this World Tourism Day celebration belongs to all of us, the Indonesian people as part of the world community. And the success of World Tourism Day 2022 will be the success of all of us and all Indonesian tourism people,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Acting Deputy for Resources and Institutions at the Ministry of Tourism, Frans Teguh, added that through this activity, it is hoped that tourism can be a part of building the nation in a better direction.

“This means that tourism belongs to us all and we want to encourage and ensure that together we build the nation through tourism,” Frans concluded. []