THE CURRENT orientation of the development of the tourism sector is more aimed at developing quality tourism, where human resources have a major role in providing the best experience for tourists through their competencies.

There are new needs that we must pay attention to so that our tourism is of higher quality with more innovative products, more excellent service quality, and more environmentally friendly tourism management,” said Acting Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the Ministry of Tourism, Frans Teguh in a press release. on Friday (9/23).

Therefore, there are a number of competencies needed for tourism actors, including increasing skills (capacity/ability), adding knowledge (knowledge) and building a professional attitude (professional behavior).

One of the competency improvement programs carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is the Tourism Awareness Campaign 5.0. This time it was held for tourism actors in the Lake Toba Region, North Sumatra.

The Tourism Product Innovation and Tourism Capacity Development Training Program was held for the first phase in the Lake Toba area, taking place from 21-27 September 2022, involving 90 tourism actors from six tourist villages, namely Lumban Silintong Tourism Village, Siboruon, and Silalahi Pagar Batu (Toba Regency), Papande Tourism Village (North Tapanuli Regency), and Brand and Tongging Tourism Village (Karo Regency).

The training resource persons consist of academics, practitioners and direct activists of tourist villages who have gone through a rigorous selection process.

The training is the next stage of a series of Tourism Awareness Campaign Program 5.0 which in 2022 targets 65 Tourism Villages and 90 Tourism Villages in 2023. The training provided includes three packages, namely: Training-A, on Development of Tourism Product Innovations, Training-B related to Tour Packages, Homestay, Culinary and Souvenirs) and Training-C related to Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

After the training stage, the next tourism village development project that has been made by selected tourism actors will be assisted, assessed and given appreciation for the best tourism players who implement tourism village development programs in their respective places. [antaranews/photo special]