THE Bicester Collection by Value Retail is home to more than 1,300 boutiques of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands, a family of 11 unique open-air shopping destinations across Europe and China, and the first is coming to the New York City area in the second half of 2024. All an hour or less from some of the world’s most popular cities and tourist attractions including London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Shanghai and Suzhou.

Each Village is known for its unparalleled selection of boutiques from world-leading brands, superior service and hospitality, famous restaurants and remarkable savings. And with a selection of carefully prepared guest services in the Villages, you’re guaranteed a memorable day. Some of these brands have opened flagship stores with the most complete collections and provide a different experience from outlets in other shopping malls.

According to the internal sources of The Bicester Collection during a media luncheon with in Jakarta (9/27) said that because of that, we deliberately came to Jakarta and this became a momentum for The Bicester Collection to expand its market share to Southeast Asia primarily targets Indonesian (RI’s) tourists to come to shop comfortably at our 11 open-air shopping destinations in Europe and China.

“This policy brings back shopping tourism or travel almost to normality before COVID-19. The achievement of the number of Indonesian foreign tourists who come to Europe continues to be in the spotlight. According to data, Indonesian tourists are among the most generous in spending their budget for shopping, and this will be our target and we believe that in the near future, The Bicester Collection will become one of the favorite shopping destinations for Indonesians abroad,” he said.

He explained, we consider Indonesia as a potential market for us with a population of around 250.6 million people and an average economic growth of 6% per year. From the data, there are around 97,000 Indonesian tourists who travel to Europe, and 33,000 of them include visits to cities such as London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich.

However, when asked about the figure of Indonesian tourist targets, he then replied that currently the existence of the millennial generation has resulted in a change in the landscape of tourist travel. In addition, changes in the pattern of socialization of this generation indirectly change the purpose of their travel. This generation likes contemporary culinary places, shopping places with lifestyle themes, socializing and more.

But when compared to most U.S. shoppers across the Bicester Collection are Gen X (40-54 years old, followed by Gen Z’s/ Millennials at 38%, and Silvers at 22% (55 years and older).

“In the other hand, there are significant changes related to the habits of today’s world community. This year, when many people began to return to regular offline activities, a shift began to appear. And this affects the way people shop, especially for Southeast Asian tourists,” he remarked.

For that, he continued, I think in the future we need to promote The Bicester Collection directly to the Indonesian people, especially those who live in big cities. And we want to attract more Indonesian tourists against the backdrop of world economy problems and especially for those countries has relaxed travel restrictions amid the pandemic as conditions have gradually recovered.

“So, what are you waiting for? Come on, explore a new shopping experience at The Bicester Collection and enjoy incredible savings at beautiful boutiques from some of the world’s most idolized brands,” he concluded. []