ROEMAH Indonesia BV (RIBV) again participated in the international Frankfurt Coffee Festival on October 14-16, 2022, after they participated in the Coffee Market Exhibition in Amsterdam in September 2022.

RIBV will display various superior Indonesian products at Klassikstadt, Frankfurt, which is facilitated by the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt as a support for Indonesian coffee.

“Roemah Indonesia BV from the beginning was designed as a place for superior Indonesian products to penetrate the world market,” said RIBV CEO Suryo Tutuko in an official broadcast on Friday (10/7).

Suryo explained that the exhibition on the international stage was in line with RIBV’s vision and mission to increase Indonesia’s coffee export numbers, build Indonesian coffee supply chains on the international stage, showcase coffee derivative products and open up business expansion opportunities through local brands to go global.

“With Adena Coffee, Dua Coffee, Classic Beans & Tuku Coffee, as permanent partners. RIBV also invites Maleena Coffee Roasters, PT Bahana TCW Asset Management, PT Masmindo Dwi Area as well as farmers and representatives of coffee cooperatives under the guidance of PMO Kopi Nusantara,” he said.

The Frankfurt Coffee Festival is where coffee experts will show diners how they prepare, pour and serve coffee drinks.

There is also the opportunity to taste coffee and meet with importers (buyers) and hundreds of other coffee lovers. In addition, visitors can buy various types of unique coffee and discuss with coffee professionals.

RIBV will bring coffee from Ijen, Latimojong, and Papua, as well as various types of specialty coffee from Sumatra, Lampung, West Java, and Bali that visitors to the Frankfurt Coffee Festival can enjoy as an Indonesian barista blend. [antaranews]