ALLNippon Airways (ANA) and Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has launched a new campaign titled “Beyond #MissingJapan” for travelers who are #MissingJapan. The campaign was launched shortly after news broke that Japan was planning to reopen the country to foreign tourists.

According to Isao Ono, ANA’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Asia & Oceania, said I believe this ‘Beyond #MissingJapan’ program will provide an opportunity for those who have missed Japan due to the pandemic to rediscover Japan through videos introduced by influencers in Asia and 360° videos.

“ANA continues to provide a safe and clean environment with convenient service. We hope to welcome more tourists to Japan soon,” he said.

The “Beyond #MissingJapan” program was inspired by the many posts on social media from those who yearn to visit Japan and ANA’s enthusiasm to welcome visitors back to Japan. The ultimate goal of this program is to increase the desire of tourists who want to travel to Japan and provide advance information to plan their trip.

He explained, this program turned out to have a big impact on the economy as well. Prior to the pandemic, Japan earned US$$46.1 billion in revenue from a record 31.9 million visitors to the country. The travel and tourism sector contributes US$359 billion to Japan’s GDP, making the country one of the top three largest tourism markets in the world, after the United States and China.

The reopening of Japan for foreign tourist visits was enthusiastically welcomed by Indonesian tourists. According to YouGov’s Travel & Tourism Rankings 2022, Japan is the second most popular destination for Indonesian travelers to visit after Bali. [sources/photo special]