RUBY is a stuffed kangaroo who feels trapped in a toy box at a gift shop, dreams of being able to go on adventures and explore the beauty of Australian nature. His dream was then realized armed with the ingenious mind of a unicorn doll named Louie.

Together, Ruby and Louie “escape” from a gift shop located on the Great Barrier Reef and go on an extraordinary adventure around Australia. They visited iconic sites including Sydney Harbour, the alleyways of Melbourne and breathtaking natural sights like Uluṟu and Nitmiluk Gorge.

Along the way, they explore the splendor of travel experiences Australia has to offer, get to know Indigenous Australian culture and learn why every great adventure always begins with the signature Australian greeting “G’day!”.

The adventures of Ruby and Louie are featured in a new live action short film with CGI animated characters, produced by Tourism Australia.

The nine-minute short film “G’day” premiered on 20 October as part of Australia’s global tourism campaign aimed at inviting international tourists to “Come and Say G’day”. Video screenshot showing Ruby and Louie’s adventures featured in Tourism Australia’s new live action short film “G’Day” at

Just like Ruby, tourists can also plan and do adventures in Australia in their own way. Traveling to enjoy Australia’s nature and culture, after nearly two years of being “locked up” due to travel restrictions.

Directed by Australian director Michael Gracey (The Greatest Showman), the main character in the short film “G’day” is Ruby, voiced by Rose Byrne who is also an Australian actor. While the character Louie is voiced by actor Will Arnett.

“Having the opportunity to voice Ruby is an honor,” said Rose Byrne in a statement.

Byrne mentions that Ruby is a true representation of Australians who she calls warm, friendly, but also has a strong sense of knowing things and as told in this short film, seeing Australia for the first time. [antaranews]