TAIWAN offers exciting tourist attractions for families who want a fun vacation with children. Starting from a lively city, friendly residents, to delicious food in every corner of the city and beautiful views are served in this place.

Along with the reopening of foreign tourist visits after the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan can become an exciting family vacation destination. Check out these five recommended places for those of you who are planning a vacation to Taiwan with your family in the near future, quoted from the official broadcast, Friday.

Green Green Grasslands
Green Green Grasslands is home to Cingjing Farm located in Ren’ai, Nantou, Taiwan. Located at an altitude of almost 1,750-meters, the Green Green Grasslands, open grasslands where sheep, cattle, graze freely and can interact directly with the animals while providing food.

Once you’re done interacting, it’s time to explore the hiking trails, enjoy the beautiful gardens and watch the sunrise over Hehuanshan, the highest peak in Taiwan. If visiting on a weekend, be sure to catch the shearing show every 9:30 and 14:30. Other shows include sheep herding and farm dogs herding sheep.

Then, continue the holiday with horse riding. Many tourists choose to ride horses after watching the sheep being herded. Your little one can try riding a pony. Although the Green Green Grasslands can be visited at any time with beautiful views throughout the four seasons of the year, the best time is during weekdays because weekends will be crowded with tourists.

Formosa Cultural Village
Formosa Cultural Village is an amusement park located in Yuchi, Nantou, not far from Taiwan’s famous lake, Sun Moon Lake. This tourist destination that stands on 62 hectares offers a variety of interesting things to explore with your beloved family. Take a walk to visit the homes and communities of Taiwan’s indigenous tribal groups.

Continue your vacation by trying more than 25 rides divided into five themes such as Aladdin Pavilion and Culture Square to have a wider holiday experience.

There’s also The Spanish Coast, Caribbean Splash, UFO Gyro Drop, Mayan Adventure Roller Coaster, The Gold Mine Adventure, and Space Mountain VR. All of these rides are recommended for those of you who want to challenge the adrenaline. Formosa Cultural Village can be visited by all ages for a day of fun.

Dongshan River Water Park
Dongshan River Water Park, the fifth longest river in Yilan, is the right choice to visit with the family while on vacation to Taiwan. With a length of 24 kilometers, this versatile riverside tourist destination provides recreation that each shows a different character, such as Conservation Areas, Water Activities Areas, Leisure Activities Areas, Water Buses, and Outdoor Theaters.

The Water Activities Area and Dongshan River Trip are always crowded with tourists because you can take a boat to the Center for Traditional Arts, where you can find candy making and soap making. There are also unique shops that offer souvenirs, handicrafts and special snacks that can be interesting souvenirs.

In addition to playing in the water, there are bicycle tours with trails along the Dongshan River while enjoying the beautiful Lizejiah Bridge with refreshing views. Holidays at Dongshan River Water Park will be even more memorable when the Dragon Boat Festival is held, namely boat racing, Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival.

Xiaomen Geological Museum
Located in Xiaomen, Penghu, Taiwan, this museum offers a different holiday experience. The reason is, this is the right place for a vacation while increasing knowledge.

The Xiaomen Geological Museum is divided into eight sections that provide information about the history and geology of Penghu. To introduce more about natural conditions including Penghu culture, there are exhibitions that you can watch.

Meanwhile, around the museum which opened in 2001, there is a rocky erosion arch known as the Whale Cave or Whale Cave. After gaining a lot of knowledge, it’s time to tour Xiaomen, a beautiful village equipped with restaurants that offer delicious specialties.

Blue Fin Tuna Cultural Festival
The Blue Fin Tuna Cultural Festival is regularly held every year from May to June. This festival attracts many tourists who are captivated by the Donggang tuna catch which is the largest in the world. Here you can see large bluefin tuna and local fishing culture.

Usually, this festival begins with a lively opening ceremony such as dances until many people gather. The fish auction itself is one of the most interesting aspects of this festival because it can see sellers and buyers negotiating fish catches with body movements that only they can understand.

You can even try to buy fish and make them as souvenirs. Blue Fin Tuna Cultural Festival is also a tourist destination because of Donggang’s beautiful tourism and culinary delights, especially seafood which is famous for its processed bluefin tuna, sakura shrimp and fish roe. The local government presents tour packages and restaurants are also competing to present dishes by introducing different ways to enjoy fish. [antaranews]