THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy continues to strive to strengthen integrated homestay management in the Borobudur Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP) area to improve the quality of homestay services for tourists.

According to the Deputy for Destination Development and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Tourism, Vinsensius Jemadu, in his statement, in Jakarta (10/24), said that integrated and sustainable homestay management is very necessary. This includes homestays owned by the community, as well as tourism residential facilities built by the Ministry of PUPR. With this management, it is expected to increase the length of stay of tourists visiting Borobudur.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through the Deputy for Destination Development and Infrastructure has previously compiled a homestay management study at the Borobudur DPSP which resulted in a homestay management model centered on one manager, namely BUMDes (Village Owned Enterprises). Homestay management will be centralized in BUMDes for each village. So BUMDes will market it with various media, including collaboration with marketplaces or online travel agents,” said Vincent.

He explained, every homestay that is still an individual other than those owned by BUMDes must join a tourist village. If there is no tourist village, you can create a homestay association. So that the tourist village or association will make an MoU and PKS with BUMDes in the management, including marketing.

“This is in line with the direction of Minister Sandiaga Uno in implementing innovation, adaptation and collaboration policies. It is hoped that tourist villages can continue to innovate, adapt, and collaborate in improving the quality of amenities in tourist villages. In order to have a broad impact on economic revival and job creation,” he remarked.

He concluded that the integrated homestay management through BUMDes is expected to increase sales and distribution of tourists staying at homestays around the Borobudur area so that it can be fair and equitable. In addition, the future pattern of cooperation after there is a legal umbrella, there will be a clear profit-sharing or profit-sharing system for BUMDes and homestay associations. []