DEEP PURPLE released their single “Perfect Strangers” in October 1984. It is the title track from their 1984 comeback album Perfect Strangers.

It is one of the few Deep Purple songs that does not feature a guitar solo. However, Ritchie Blackmore called it his favorite Deep Purple song. The lyrics are actually inspired by the Elric books by Michael Moorcock.

“Perfect Strangers” has been covered by several bands: • Dimmu Borgir on their 2010 album Abrahadabra as a bonus track, • Dream Theater on their EP A Change of Seasons. Dream Theater also performed it live on BBC Radio shows with Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson singing lead vocals, • Jørn Lande performed it on his solo album Unlocking the Past, • Finnish duo Timo Kotipelto and Jani Liimatainen have performed it during live shows and on album their studio Blackoustic, • Pretty Maids on their 2006 album Wake Up to the Real World.

Personnel: • Ritchie Blackmore – guitar, • Ian Gillan – vocals, • Roger Glover – bass, • Jon Lord – organ, • Ian Paice – drums.

The song was used by Extreme Championship Wrestling wrestlers “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko as the entry theme. A similar version was used for the sequels in World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. [sources/photo special]