RAMU is inspired by the collective consciousness of the earth’s soil and ocean as one of Mother Nature’s legacies; an important element that needs to be cultivated properly for the next generations to come.

The Tri Hita Karana value – that has shaped Bali’s core identity – becomes one of the notable touch points in coming up with the RAMU concept; the value translates to the three elements of wellbeing, consisting of the human connection to the Almighty, to nature and to fellow human beings.

RAMU elevates the connection between human and nature. Nature and life have evolved together simultaneously; therefore RAMU believes that richness in our soil and ocean equals our richness in life, where the concept aims to get the most of our nature in a conscious manner. This transforms to a farm-to-plate casual dining experience by taking local ingredients from the island’s soil and ocean and bringing it to our kitchen to create mindful dishes.

RAMU collaborates with a number of local farmers within the island to ensure that ingredients used are locally-sourced, fresh and of the finest quality. Guests are welcomed to experience a layers of taste and flavors, with a selection of wholesome and tasty Asian and European fusion sharing plates. Menus will be rotating and seasonal, as it adapts to the ingredients that are available from the local farmers and partners.

The venue will be highly interactive and also experience-driven, which will feature a rotating experience for guests to embark on adventures to visit local partners behind the dishes and drinks served at RAMU. Each month, guests will have the opportunity to explore different experiences, such as visiting a local produce farm in Bedugul, learning how to spearfish, also making Balinese sea salt and more.

RAMU drinks will consist of a balanced non-alcohol and alcohol selections, from healthy drinks and mocktails inspired by local herbs and spices, to a range of aperitif and digestif cocktails that compliments RAMU’s dining experience.

The interior design portrays the venue’s love and admiration of nature, from its predominantly black and earthy tones, rattan partition with its intricate details, to its wooden wall decor and sconce. The venue seats 44 people comfortably within the dining area. For a more laid back setting, guests can choose to sit at the nearby Pool Bar or Pool Terrace, where guests are entitled to a complimentary pool access with every food and or drink purchase.

The menu at RAMU is helmed and developed by Executive Chef, Joshira Yugopradana. Joshira specializes in Mediterranean, Italian and tapas cuisine with French and freestyle techniques. He started his culinary career in Vancouver as prep cook at Jeremie Bastien’s Boneta, a French Canadian restaurant, before moving to a classic Italian fine dining establishment, Cin-Cin.

In 2021, Chef Joshira joined Titik Dua where he developed the boutique resort’s food menu and maintained its food and service quality. He then came up with the fusion food concept for RAMU based on his expertise and previous experience; where Asian and or Indonesian food can have a unique layer of taste when fused with other cuisines.

“At RAMU, we aim to serve a conscious dining experience where guests can be inspired whenever they dine with us; being more conscious about what they eat and where their dishes come from. Guests are invited to savor in a unique layer of taste as Asian and or Indonesian food are fused with completely different types of cuisine. RAMU will open its doors by the beginning of December 2022,” Chef Joshira concluded. [sources/photo special]