THAT’s true each region always has its own unique culinary delights and legendary places to eat. The city of Jember in East Java is no exception, which also has a number of exciting places to eat that you can visit. One of them is a legendary restaurant called Rumah Makan (RM) Lestari.

Established since 1982, RM. Lestari is managed by a married couple, Ir H. Nyoto Sunaryo and Hj. Siti Hatidjah. Both of them admit that they like to eat and culinary, that is what ultimately prompted the two of them to open a restaurant.

RM. Initially, Lestari was just a small eatery with the concept of a stall selling the Pecel Lele menu as its main dish. Over time, this business is increasingly advanced and has many customers. RM Lestari grew in 1985 and moved to a new location with a larger room capacity.

The location move was accompanied by the emergence of a variety of new dishes that have continued to this day. Call it the special menu, Gurame Chili Green Sambal and Fried Beef Tongue, which are the restaurant’s main menu.

Especially for the Beef Fried Tongue menu, RM. Lestari is the only place to eat in Jember that sells dishes based on beef tongue. This beef tongue preparation is made using a special family recipe that has been passed down for generations.

Apart from those two menus, RM. Lestari also provides many other special menus such as Garang Asem Chicken, Genjer Shrimp Tauco, Pecek Eggplant Tofu Eggs, Pecek Eggplant with Peanut Seasoning, Egg Tofu, and many others. In total, RM offers more than 90 kinds of dishes. Each is offered at prices ranging from IDR20,000 to IDR60,000 per portion.

RM’s popularity This sustainability was also strengthened by President Jokowi’s visit while in Jember. At that time, President Jokowi came to RM. Lestari and eat several menus such as Gurame Sambal Green Chili, Dawet Ice, to Milkfish Covers where the milkfish is served without thorns. Of course the arrival of the number one person in Indonesia is an added value for RM. Lestari.

Gunawan Wibisono said that he is the successor or second generation of RM Lestari. It is sustainable if all the dishes in his restaurant are made with raw materials from Jember. “RM. Lestari is a legendary restaurant in Jember. What’s special about this place to eat is that all the raw materials used are from Jember.

In addition, RM. Lestari is the only place to eat in Jember that sells beef fried tongue. Guests who come to this place can also enjoy the legendary Zangrandi ice cream, where we have worked together since 1985,” said his nickname, Sonny.

Not only presenting special home dishes, RM. Lestari is also enhanced with various other supporting facilities. Starting from band entertainment or live music at dinner, providing several meeting rooms, to places to eat that can be ordered to be used as locations for holding various big events such as weddings, engagements, gatherings, and others.

RM. Lestari located on Jl. RA Kartini No.14, Jember Regency, East Java, with a capacity of 200 people and operates every day between 09.00-22.00 WIB. Currently the restaurant has two outlets, one in Jember and one in Bondowoso. []