BOBOBOX officially collaborated with PT Aviation Tourism Indonesia (Injourney). Through the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Bobobox and Injourney officially collaborate in providing and managing tourism accommodation and promotion in various main locations of Indonesia. This strategic collaboration will be a driving force for the advancement of the country’s tourism sector.

Through collaboration conducted at the Sarinah Building, DKI Jakarta, on Tuesday (01/17), Bobobox and Injourney are committed to optimizing the potential and tourism resources in Indonesia. For Injourney and Bobobox, this cooperation is a new achievement in realizing a commitment to encourage Indonesian tourism that is unique, quality and international standard.

According to Injourney’s President Director, Dony Oskaria, expressed his enthusiasm in establishing cooperation with Bobobox to jointly advance the national tourism sector so that it became the main preference for tourists. This is true with Injourney’s vision and mission to become leading tourism ecosystem in Indonesia which when focused on developing 5 Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP) such as Lake Toba, Labuan Bajo, Mandalika, Borobudur, and Likupang.

“The development of this destination requires many supporting elements in building tourism, it is hoped that Bobobox can become a partner that provides accommodation solutions in new destinations,” Dony added.

Likewise, Bobobox CEO, Indra Gunawan also stated the same thing, that this cooperation was the right step in the development of the Indonesian tourism sector. We welcome this collaboration. In line with Injourney, Bobobox believes that Indonesian tourism is one of the important pillars of the country’s economy driving and we see the number of opportunities in this sector. We really hope that collaboration with Injourney can provide color and become a new solution for the tourism industry today.

Throughout the Pandemic period, Indra saw a rapid interest and development in the domestic tourism market dominated by millennial generation and Gen-Z, which is referred to as The New Market.

“As many as 72% of the young generation today considers traveling to be one of the top priorities in their lifestyle. In the future there will be a lot of new potential lifestyle created. Many young people are interested in knowing and enjoying the beauty of Indonesia more, “Indra explained.

Dony also stressed the importance of the tourism industry to help accelerate the national economy and this collaboration can answer the increasingly attractive tourism market in the future.

“This will certainly further popularize Indonesia as a selected tourist destination so that the national tourism sector can continue to advance, grow, and open up economic opportunities for local people,” Dony added.

Bobobox appreciated Injourney’s cooperation and support in the development and promotion of the tourism sector. The hope, collaboration with Injourney can represent a new face of the Indonesian tourism industry ecosystem.

“Hopefully with this partnership there will be more interesting initiatives to introduce new domestic destinations that have not been explored to all Indonesian people or even the world. We are grateful and enthusiastic to be part of this collaboration. Hopefully Bobobox can execute the results of this collaboration quickly,” Indra concluded. []